8 Effective Home Remedies To Fight Diabetes

Home Remedies To Fight Diabetes

Diabetes refers to the ailment of high glucose levels in human blood. They are mainly caused due to excessive consumption of sugar in various forms, over the years. While it can’t be completely cured, the glucose levels can be controlled, helping a patient lead a normal life. 

The ailment is lifelong and thus depending upon pharmaceutical medication throughout your life is not feasible.Rather, certain home remedies should be followed to keep a rigorous check on the rising sugar levels. These remedies involve preparing and consuming certain remedies with ease without any expert knowledge. Moreover, the ones who are not suffering from Diabetes can still try these remedies to avoid any such possibility.

Home Remedies To Fight Diabetes

Fenugreek (Methi)


The Fenugreek plant has round leaves and a major source of food in the Indian subcontinent. It can be used to treat Diabetes at home. Get some Fenugreek seeds (almost one fourth of a spoon) and soak it in warm water. Cover the glass with a lid and keep it by your bed side. Next morning, the moment you woke up, drink the water (don’t swallow the seeds) before you get out of the bed.  Do it daily.

Jambul Fruit Seeds

Jambul Fruit

Jambul fruit is an effective food to treat diabetes.  Get some Jambul seeds and beat them thoroughly to form a powder. You may use a coffee beat tool for the purpose. Once sufficient powder is formed, add it to a glass of warm water and drink it. Consume the mixture twice a day. You may prepare abundant powder in advance and preserve it in a container.

Substitute Sugar With Honey

Sugar With Honey

Sugar being the sole cause of resulting in Diabetes should be controlled in our daily consumption. If not, then replace it by honey. Honey has a similar sweet taste and doesn’t pose the threat of diabetes or any other ailment.  Mix one teaspoon of honey in your tea or coffee. Mixing honey in a lemonade drink is another useful way of controlling diabetes Honey reduces excessively insulin levels. Moreover, make it a habit to reduce your dependency on sweeteners. Also drinking black coffee without sugar is effective.

Drink Green Tea

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is amongst the best known beverages that assist in treating heart diseases and associated sugar imbalances. It is the most extensively consumed herbal tea globally. Without taking a deep dive into the effective home remedies to follow, begin by making it a habit to consume green tea twice a day. Your sugar levels will witness a drastic change on the lower end. It burns fat and improves body metabolism.

Place Aak Leaves Below Foot

Aak Leaves

Aak leaves were known to treat snake bites till now. Also known as Apple of Sodom and French Cotton in English, the leaves are magical agents in treating diabetes. Take some Aak leaves and wash them to expel any dirt. Place them below your feet. Make sure you perform the activity in a sitting posture. After 2-3 hours, remove the leaves and check your sugar level. However, don’t keep the leaves for long as they may further lower your sugar levels.

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Drink Abundant Water

Drink Abundant Water

The amount of water consumed everyday is directly proportional to the fall in the sugar levels. Water effectively mobilizes the excessive sugar content in the blood and controls it. Diabetic patients or the ones on the risk of attaining it should gulp down at least 2 liters of water every day.

Gooseberry (Amla)


Indian Gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C that helps control high blood sugar levels. There is a specific method to prepare Gooseberry juice. Take 2-3 pieces of Gooseberry and take their seeds out. Grind them thoroughly until a thick paste is formed. Now put them in a thin cloth and try to squeeze out the juice in a container. Make sure the cloth is clean. Now take two spoons this juice and add to water to form a beverage. Mix well. Consume twice a day. Obviously, sugar should not be added.

Aloe Vera Beverage

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera too helps in fighting diabetes. Take two spoons of Bay leaf and one spoon of turmeric. Mix well with an equal amount of Aloe Vera Gel. Drink the solution daily prior to every meal. Besides, try to follow a natural way of fighting the ailment. Limited exposure to sunlight is good for health. It garners our body with Vitamin D. Sit in your balcony or a lawn for few minutes, 30 – 40 would be fine. It actually helps. Also exercising and a regular evening walk can help to fight the disease.