5 Effective Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies For Fleas

If someone is experiencing concerns related to fleas, it is very difficult to cope with the situation. The common notion held by most people is that fleas affect particular animals like dogs and cats. However, the notion is incorrect because humans are also vulnerable to fleas.

Dealing with fleas is not an impossible task provided you have the right set of measures to deal with it. Some people use random methods and products from the market that vouch to help but in the end it doesn’t do as much good. Therefore, if someone wants to deal with fleas in the most effective manner, home remedies for fleas is what helps the most.

Home Remedies For Fleas

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar To Reduce Fleas

When it comes to most health concerns, be it the slightest allergy or major health concern, apple cider vinegar does the trick. Some people are habituated to consume it on a daily basis, which is good. However, in the case of fleas, you can rely on apple cider vinegar and expect wonderful results. Here, it’s not mandatory to consume apple cider vinegar; you can mix it with water and rinse yourself in it. By following it for two or more times, you will find exceptional results.


Eucalyptus To Reduce Fleas

You can use eucalyptus to get rid of fleas. It has essential antibacterial properties. So, be it any kind of infections, eucalyptus surely helps. You can use it in any form, some people like to use the natural way by making a paste of it and apply on the affected area. You can follow the procedure for a week or until you find all the symptoms disappearing.

Orange peel

Orange peel To Reduce Fleas

If you like to eat fruits and orange is on the list; do not let the peel go away. You can use the peels, boil it in water, wait until the water and peel blends in together. Use this blend and pour it on the infected area. The citric effect helps in eliminating fleas and its related symptoms.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils To Reduce Fleas

Amongst the many home remedies for fleas, essential oils are quite popular. These days a lot of people are relying on essential oils. The best thing about such oils is that there are easily available and certainly stacked up in the house, which makes its availability easy and acts as a reliable measure for different health concerns. You can use different essential oils, peppermint oil, lavender oil, cedar wood and citrus are all common oils that work as a natural repellent for fleas. You can use any of these oils and massage it on the infected area. Regular usage will provide you with great results, and you will be flea free in no time.


Lemon To Reduce Fleas

Lemon in general has properties that can help you get rid of fleas. You don’t have to use any chemicals or any market based products, you can use lemon instead, which has all the best health based properties. You can squeeze lime directly on the affected area or boil lemon pieces in water and use it as a spray. Repeat the procedure for a week and you will find beneficial results.