7 Effective Herbal Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders

Herbal Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders

A gallbladder is a small organ attached to the liver. Its main function is to store and release bile which helps break down fatty foods. The common symptoms of a gallbladder disorder are sharp pains, nausea, vomiting and bloating.

The most common cause of such symptoms is gallstones. However, such symptoms may also occur even if there isn’t any gallbladder stone which would mean the gallbladder is not functioning well. It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately as the condition might take a serious turn if left unchecked. In certain cases, gallbladder removal may be required by surgery.

However, in less severe cases, it is possible to prevent further advancement of the disorder and to treat it completely with herbal remedies. Herbal remedies do not have any long term adverse side effects but even then they should be taken with the help of a professional consultant. Some of the best herbal remedies for gallbladder infections are given here:

Herbal Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

It can help with certain disorders such as gallbladder inflammation. It is essentially “food” for the liver; not necessarily a detoxifier but it supports the gallbladder and the liver by keeping them healthy and cleansing the body of toxic substances. This is to be used internally, i.e in the form of a tablet or liquid.

Schizandra Chinensis Or Schizandra Berries

Schizandra Berries To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

Another useful herb in treating gallbladder disorders. It contains all five tastes: “sweet”, “sour”, “pungent”, “salty” nad “bitter”. In herbal medicine, the more complex the taste, the more complex is its medicinal value. Thus, while “sour” and “bitter” taste help benefit the gallbladder by keeping the bile moving, it also aids the nervous system and helps the body cope with stressful activities of day-to-day life.


Rosemary To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

Rosemary has a wide number of uses in herbal medicine, ranging from a digestive remedy to an anti-depressant. It helps against cold and flu and can be used to treat arthritisIt is considered to be a very effective tonic which specifically helps the gallbladder by increasing the bile flow and promoting sweating.


Turmeric To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

Turmeric is a very helpful herb in preventing the development of gallstones. It is a powerful antioxidant and can be used to inhibit the growth of various tumours. It aids the gallbladder by increasing bile secretion and helps the body by digesting fatty foods. It also protects the liver from the toxic effects produced by alcohol or consumption of prescription drugs.


Dandelion To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

Dandelion has a wide variety of uses in herbal medicine. It is a powerful detoxifier that helps cleanse the body of toxic material. It has high vitamin and nutrient content. It also helps against constipation, gout or any urinary disorders. It is a diuretic and promotes urine production which helps stimulate the liver.


Alfalfa To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

Being high in nutrient content, it helps support the body by providing various vitamins and minerals which are easily absorbable and help the body remain healthy, such as: calcium, amino acids, vitamin K and other trace elements. It can also be used as a laxative or for promoting urine production. It also helps promote pituitary action and is effective for gallbladder disorders.


Peppermint To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

A common herb that is found in chewing gum or toothpaste, peppermint has had great medicinal value for a long time in history, going as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. It can be used to treat bowel disorders as well as headaches and muscle spasms. It helps promote bile flow and generally has a very soothing effect on the stomach.