Easy To Make Angel Face Mixed Drink

angel face cocktail recipe

 angel face cocktail recipe Have you ever tried to look like an angel in front of the mirror with your favorite angel face drink in hand? If not, then try out today with your friends, families and with that special person to have the great pure taste of angel face Mixed drink.

Angel face is a simple mixed drink with apple and apricot brandy, and it’s quite easy to make it at home. I will show you how to make it but before making any mixed drinks one needs to know some of the tips, so that the drink can make a grand success.

Some of the important tips for preparing angel face mixed drinks are follows:

Mixing at its Best!

One should possess a good skill to mix drinks and cocktails, a good mixing can make your party and drink a memorable one for a long time. Don’t ever think that only a bartender can present you a sophisticated mix of drinks, many crazy cocktail enthusiasts can do it, so no need to take it as a tough task. Mixing of drinks is an art which can be easily achieved with the help of a set of glasses, cocktail shakers and stirrers, mugs, wine and margarita glasses. Shot glasses are very helpful in measuring alcohol quantity.

Ingredients of Angel Face

All sorts of alcohol are important in cocktail or to make any mixed drinks. The basic types are vodka, rum, gin, wine, brandy, whisky, schnapps and bourbon. Certain fruit juices are often used in great mixed drinks, especially cranberry or orange, lime juice and some time sour mix. The main ingredients we need for American face for a single serving size is 1/2 oz of apple brandy, 1/2 oz of apricot brandy, 1 oz of Gin. We should keep some stock of ice cubes as it is needful for making any kind of mixed drinks.

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The drink which we are going to prepare is angle face, at first we need to put some ice cubes or cracked ice in a glass and then we will pour half ounce of apple brandy and half ounce of apricot brandy into the glass, you can smell the rich apple flavor.

After pouring apple and apricot brandy we will add full ounce of gin into the glass. Now the main task of this preparation is to shake this mix in a shaker, the mixture should be well shaken, so that the ice melts and softens. The funny part of this preparation is that you can feel free to try and to make yourself to look alike like an angel, the joyous feelings will add more taste and refreshment to the drink.

Now put the well shaken mixture into the serving glass and don’t forget to put a straw in it for stirring and the angel face mixed drink is ready.

Serve the angle face mixed drink for that special person. Enjoy the chill rich apple and apricot flavor with your loved ones and don’t forget to click a photo, enjoy the special moments. Cheers!!!

Photo Credit: Funkyshot.ru