Easy To Make American Rose Mixed Drink

American rose mixed drink

American rose mixed drink Are you throwing a party at your house? Want to impress your guests with some special drink? Planning for a cocktail party?

There may be thousands of drinks in different parts around the world but when it comes to selecting a cocktail drink then surely none can beat The American rose mixed drink.

It is a mixture different flavors and mesmerizing tastes. A strange thing about this drink is that it contains no rose extracts or anything related to rose. The American rose drink is simply a mixture of mostly used spirits and fresh peach. Cocktails are a mixture of two or more drinks and cocktails are mostly preferred all across the globe. To make a perfect cocktail, perfect combination is required. The correct amount of drinks should be mixed carefully to bring out that awesome flavor that will melt your heart.

Ingredients Required for the American Rose

Being a cocktail, it mostly comprises of hard drinks. The American rose mixed drink is made from fresh peach, Pernod and Champagne. The other two vital ingredients are brandy and grenadine. The above mentioned ingredients are very easily available in the market and will even not cost you much. The only different thing about this drink is that this drink contains fresh peach. The whole drink is very much refreshing and feels fresh.

One can try this drink at any point of time. Cocktails are usually a punch of different flavors but this cocktail is surely one of its kind. Make sure that all the drinks are of a good brand because this may also be one of the reasons to make your cocktail taste good. This is all about the ingredients used in making the American rose mixed drink. If you want to decorate or give an extra touch to your cocktail then you must surely add a peach wedge or a cherry.

Make your Own American Rose

Firstly take a white wine glass and fill the wine glass with some cubes of ice.

Now, add 11/2 ounce of brandy into the wine glass. Remember to add only that amount that is being suggested. Any wrong calculation may lead to health injuries.

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Add ½ tablespoon of Pernod licorice liqueur into the previous mixture.

Carefully add 1 tablespoon of grenadine syrup to your mixture and pour the whole drink in a stainless steel cocktail shaker. Take half of the Peach and mash it well and put the mashed peach into the shaker. Shake well and pour the drink into the white wine glass.

Fill the rest of the glass with champagne. You should shake the whole mixture including the mashed peach without the champagne. The champagne is to be added later before serving.

To add an extra touch to your drink, don’t forget to garnish your drink with a slice of peach. You may also add a cherry to make your cocktail look good.

Add some ice cubes to your cocktail and serve it chilled, and enjoy the smooth and mesmerizing taste of the peach mash in your mouth.