Easy Japanese Soba Noodles Recipe

Easy Japanese Noodles Recipe

Easy Japanese Noodles Recipe Japanese noodles are one of the staple cuisines of Japan. They generally dip noodles on Sauces or just pure sauce on the boiled noodles. The Noodles in Japan made up of soba are buck wheat noodles, which are usually flour which is very rich in Vitamins such as vitamin B1 and flavonoids and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

The Julienned vegetables are the vegetables sliced into long and thin strips like tooth pick. The best part of julienned vegetables is it just get gelled with the noodles so well. This is the very special recipe as it will suit to everybody’s taste buds. Your kids will love these noodles as this is a dish with loads of colors and distinct taste  and you will love this recipe because of its high nutrient value.

You can always customize the sweet and Sour proportions of ingredients. In this recipe the noodles are marinaded in tamari or soya sauce, sesame or olive oil, vinegar(white), little bit of sugar and chili oil, When noodles are well marinaded they are tossed gently with Julienned vegetables and you can also include garlic bread or salad with some dressing to add to it.

Preparation time: 15 Minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves: – 4 to 5

Appliances Required

1 Sauce Pan
1 deep stockpot
1 flat head spatula
1 spider strainer
1 Large bowl
Chopping board and knife

Ingredients Required

250 grams of soba noodles
2 tablespoons of tamari or dark soy sauce
2 tablespoons of sesame oil or Olive oil
2 Tablespoon of vegetable oil
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 tablespoon brown or caster sugar
Chili oil (according to taste)
Red pepper, julienned
Yellow pepper, julienned
Green pepper, julienned
Carrot, julienned
Cabbage, julienned
Jalapeno peppers
1 bunch spring onions, sliced
Salt to taste

Method of Cooking

1. First of all keep the water on a flame to boil. Now start chopping all the vegetable required, in the julienned manner and keep them aside. Chop spring onion finely keeping the green roots as well.  Chop Jalapeno pepper in small round shape. Onion should be chopped by snapping off the roots and tips and then remove the red peeling of the onion. Cut them in to two halves and dice them finely.

2. In the boiling water add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2 pinches of salt. In the boiling water add soba noodles. When noodles are cooked rinse with the help of spider strainer and quickly put them in chilled water for some time (5 to7 minutes) and then take out in a bowl(Bowl should be large enough to allow the tossing of the noodles). For marinading noodles mix well: 3 tablespoons tamari, 3 tablespoons sesame oil, Vinegar, salt, Sugar, Chili oil.

3. Now pour the mixture on the noodles and toss well. Make sure all the noodles are coated well with the mixture. For good marinading noodles should stay for around 24 hours but if you cannot wait for this much time 2 to 4 hours of marinading them is necessary.

4. In large sauce pan put 1 table spoon of Olive oil, let it be piping hot. Now add sliced onion and green onion (don’t add the green stem at the moment) and let it saute for 1 minutes .Then add Red pepper, julienned Yellow pepper, julienned Green pepper, julienned Carrot, julienned Cabbage and green stem of the onions.

5. Add the remaining tamari sauce. Toss them well and let all the vegetables cook for 5 minutes.(keep some of the vegetables for serving). Bring the noodles to room temperature or warm them little bit in microwave.

6. To serve, Put the noodles in a serving platter, put vegetable at the top and place the remaining vegetables at the side of the platter. You can always customize recipe according to your taste for e.g. non-vegetarians can include marinaded some finely diced chicken. Soba can be replaced with Spaghetti. Vegetable can be modified according to availability.

Some Precautions or Tips While

The stockpot should be large enough and there should be ample water to sock the noodles, as the noodle enlarges in volumes after boiling. The proportion of marinade mixture can be customized according to the taste. After boiling, spread the noodles well, so that they don’t stick to each other.

You can also add grilled vegetable or chicken on top of the noodles. Add lemon with salad, it will enhance the taste. You can add sauces according to your taste like barbeque sauce. This is all round winner recipe because of so much vegetable and soba the nutritional value of the recipe is so well.

The nutritional value of the soba noodles can be described as:

Calories: 290 calorie
Total Fat: 8 grams
Saturated fat: 2 grams
Proteins: 9.5 grams