5 Easy Hairdos For Long Hair

Easy Hairdos For Long Hair

A long flowing mane always looks beautiful and enchanting. There are numerous ways to style long hair. You do not have to rush to a hair salon to get a hairdo for long hair. A few simple tricks can do the magic and you can be the centre of attraction at any party.

You need some essentials to help to keep your hair in place, such as rubber bands, hair pins, bob pins, hair clips, hair net and a comb. Hair spray should not be used lavishly as it can damage your hair and make them dry.

Hairdo Ideas For Long Hair

Let Your Hair Loose

Hair Loose Hairdos

Long hair looks gorgeous when they are left loose and styled to perfection. First and foremost always keep your hair clean and untangled when you leave them open. If you have straight hair then use a conditioner with shampoo to give them a bounce and to prevent them from getting frizzy. Comb hair well and you can use a fancy side comb and use it to pull back your hair on one side.

It will add a style and charm to your hairdo. You can curl your hair at the ends and make sure that the curls do not stick together. They should be separated and they will bounce every time you move your head. It looks fascinating. Long hair look very enchanting when they are cut in steps. This style adds volume to thin hair and needs minimum styling.

Hair Bands For Long Hair

Hair Bands For Long Hair

For a casual look and for every day hairdo for long hair, wearing a hair band is both convenient and stylish. These days hair bands are quite in vogue. They are available in various styles from simple to fancy. To wear a hair band, just pull your hair back and slide the band from front to back. Puff up the front hair to give your face a frame; you can also leave a loose strand of hair in the front for a soft look.

To add variety in wearing the hair band, you can tie your hair in a ponytail from behind or roll them up to make a bun. These hairdos are practical for school going girls and house wives as they keep your hair out of your way while working.

Braids For Long Hair

Braids For Long Hair

Braids are always in fashion. They are suitable for all age groups. Women with long hair can do a lot of experiments with braids. You can make a simple plait, a French braid, a Dutch braid and reverse braid. You can divide your hair in two parts and make two braids. You can make one braid in front and take it over the forehead and pin it on the other side and leave the rest of the hair loose.

This is a very classic hairdo for long hair. To tie the braids at the ends you can use fancy rubber bands with beads or flowers attached to them. Young girls look cute and pretty with these accessories for long hairdo.

Buns For Long Hair

Buns For Long Hair

Buns are evergreen hairdo for long hair. They add grace and charm to a woman’s personality. Buns give you a dignified appearance and you can wear them with all kinds of dresses. Buns are shaped in various styles to suit different types of face like oval, long, round and angular.

You can consult a hair stylist to get the right type of bun for your face. For casual occasions a loose bun tied at the nape of the neck is very comfortable and easy to make. You can roll hair to make an eight shaped bun to suit a long face. For formal occasions French roll and Banana shaped bun looks very attractive. Buns with three or four rolls are also suitable for formal occasions. You can wear hair accessories like beaded hair pins, pearl string or flowers in your hair to draw attention to your hairdo.

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Ponytail For Long Hair

Ponytail For Long Hair

Ponytail is the most casual, smart and quick hairdo for long hair. They are very feminine and classy hairdo for long hair. It makes a teenager look charming and a little girl looks cute in a ponytail. You can make a ponytail for casual as well as formal functions.

Ponytail can be worn loose or it can be tied high on top of your head. You can make two ponytails, one on each side to look younger. To add beauty to a ponytail on formal occasion you can wear fancy hair bands around it or stick a fancy hairpin over it or wear a string of colourful beads around the ponytail.

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