4 Easy Hair Styles For Thick Hair

Easy Hair Styles For Thick Hair

Thick and healthy hair sure presents a very beautiful sight to look at. However, when it comes to the matter of styling, thick hair present a lot of problems. It is quite common to hear women with thick hair complain that they take a lot of time in styling their hair.

However, you should know that by adopting a suitable hairstyle, you will be able to bring your thick and unmanageable hair under control.

Easy Hair Styles For Thick Hair

Listed below are a few easy hairstyles for thick hair that you can choose from. However, before trying out the below said hairstyles, do ensure that it suits your face structure and matches your persona.

Opt For Layers

Layered Hairstyle

If you want to make your hair look less thick and more manageable, then it is advised that you try out layered hairstyles. By cutting the hair in layers just below the cheekbones, you will be able to soften the roundness of the face. You can also cut shorter layers in the front, so that they frame your face perfectly. However, see to it that the layers do not get very high on the top of the head, as it can then create an unfaltering shape. This kind of hairstyle is best suited for women with an oval face.

The Short Hairstyles

If you like to keep your thick hair short, then you can very well opt for bob hairstyles.  You can either opt for a bob in single length, or else can even introduce layers in your bob. Another stylish haircut that  can be adopted by those having short hair is the gamine. Here the hair is cut extremely short at the nape of the neck, while the hair at the front is cut slightly longer. This cut will provide you with wispy layers, which can be styled easily in any way you please.

Short Hairstyles

Styling  Thick And Curly Hair

Curly hair as such is difficult to manage, and the problem becomes even more worse when it is extremely thick. Women having such hair can opt for keeping their hair a bit below their shoulders. However, do not cut your curls in layers, as it will tend to increase the friziness. Instead, you should first wet your curls and trim them slighltly, in the direction in which the curls naturally fall. This will make the curls bouncy and will prevent them from getting frizzy and tangled. Following this,  air-dry your hair and finish off the styling by applying a smoothening serum.

Styling  Thick And Curly Hair

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Braid Your Hair

Women having thick and long hair can try braiding their hair in various styles. An easy way is to create a simple braid by parting your hair into 3 to 5 sections and then twisting these sections together. If you have more time in your hands, then you can try out the French braid or the herringbone braid hairdos. These braided hairstyles will be helpful for keeping your hair in place at both formal and casual events. If the occasion is a dressy one like a prom or a wedding, then you can also decorate your braid by using accessories like beads and flowers.

Braided Hairstyles

Apart from the above said hairstyles, women with thick hair can also try out simple hairstyles like ponytails and updos. However, you are advised to stay away from bangs, as they will be difficult to style and will never lay flat.

Hair Styles For Thick Hair