Easy Ginger Tea Recipe For Cold Cough And Flu

Ginger Tea Recipe For Cold Cough And Flu

Why Ginger Tea Is Good For Cold Cough And Flu

Ginger Tea is not only an energetic drink; basically it works as one type of medicine in infectious diseases like cold cough and flu. It is very much effective as a remedy for common cold cough and removes the problems easily. It is also good for the flu which you have faced in almost very season change.


Ingredients Benefits Of Ginger Tea

The most important thing we can say about the ginger tea that it do not have any side effect as all the ingredients that are used in this recipe are completely natural. The ginger has natural warming properties which keeps your body warm in flu and helps in lowering the temperature. It also works as congestion reliever in cough problems. Honey is used in place of sugar which is very much helpful in relieving from cough and cold. It also makes your body warm and prevents attacks of cold. Whole black pepper is also used which makes your tea little hot and it is very good for congestion relief in common cold.


How To Prepare Ginger Tea In Your Kitchen

Here are the simple steps for making Ginger Tea which will give you relief from cold cough and flu.

Ginger Tea Recipe


Good Quality Darjeeling Tea 2 tea spoon, Milk 4 table spoon, Ginger juice 2 tea spoon, Honey 4 tea spoon, Black pepper 3-4.



To prepare Ginger teas in your home just take a saucepan and boil 2 cups of normal water in to it. When the water is boiling adds black pepper in whole and allows it to boil. Now add the Darjeeling tea leaves in to boiling water. Also add milk and ginger juice. Keep boiling for 2-3 minutes. Be careful that it does not over boiled; if over boiled it would make the tea bitter and result in spoiled taste. Remove it from the flame. Pour 2 tea spoon of honey in each cup. Pour the mixture in to the cup after filtering with a sieve. Stir it with a spoon to mix the honey well. Serve it hot.

Ginger Tea


If you want you may use Green Tea in place of ordinary tea. The taste will remain same in both the cases. But when you are using green tea don’t boil it so much.