Easy And Effective Tips On Caring For Long Hair

Effective Long Hairstyles

While long hair looks lustrous and beautiful, it is also very difficult to maintain and requires considerable amount of loving care to look its best. Just washing and shampooing long hair can be an arduous task. Long hair is also prone to breakage, split ends and damage and requires special attention.

Easy And Effective Tips On Caring For Long Hair

Leave Them Open At Night

It is very important to leave your long hair open at night. Do not bun them, braid them or tie them up in a tight ponytail as this can cause your hair to break and lead to a condition called as traction alopecia where hair breaks due to constant friction, tugging and pulling. Leave them loose at night and let them breathe. Ensure that your hair is tied loosely while you pull them up in a bun or a ponytail.

Effective Long Hairstyles

Get Regular Haircuts

The best way to manage the length of your hair and prevent split ends is to get regular trims. Aim for a haircut every three months. It also makes sense to get them cut in waves or layers in order to manage them more effectively. Go to a reputed salon in your city with skilled staff who can give you valuable tips and a stylish hair cut.

bob haircut


Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb first in order to detangle it. Thereafter use a normal brush. This will prevent hair breakage. Divide your hair into sections while detangling them. Always work from tips to the roots. Tugging at the roots of the hair can lead to hair fall and breakage. Most of the time hair is tangled at the tips so it makes sense to start from there.



Shampooing is one of the basic hair care principles. Ascertain the texture of your hair and get a good shampoo and conditioner that is suited to your hair type. Massage the shampoo into your scalp gently with your fingers and rinse well. Apply conditioner and wash it off with luke warm water for shiny hair. Do not towel dry hair. Simply pat it dry and let it dry naturally under a fan.

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Oil massages are very important for long hair. Get an oil massage at least twice a week for best results. Choose a hydrating oil like almond or olive oil and massage it well into your scalp. Let the oil seep into your scalp by putting a hot towel on top of your head. If you can, leave the oil on overnight.

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Oiling Your Hairs


Styling long hair can be done occasionally but do not overly style your hair as styling products contain chemicals that can damage hair. Hair rebonding, straightening, ironing, perming and colouring can completely strip the moisture from your hair and make it unmanageable. Go in for these procedures occasionally.

Styling long hair

Eat healthy

The best beauty tip on long hair is to eat a well balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, essential fats and minerals for long and lustrous hair.