DIY Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars are the commonest of household items. These are glass containers, easily available in household item stores and are generally used to store in spices, cookies, creams, tarts, jams. But, it could also be used for craft purposes, it could be made into light containers, lit them up for decor purposes. Yes, you could recycle those old mason jars that are probably stacked in some corner of your house. Instead of waiting till an impending occasion to happen, to reuse these for storage purpose; you could create mason jar lights. Get a little crafty, innovative and creative. Along with kids, like Annie and Hope with a little help and supervision of their parents or adults to endeavor this lighting journey. All you are going to need is some old mason jars, washed clean and follow this simple tutorial. Some glue, paint and old decoration lights. This is a creative idea to recycle those jars than letting it end as scrap. It could be used as part of festive home decors. You could also make mason jar lanterns. By simply placing in tea lights or candles in without placing the lid on. Could also suspend it using ropes or even decorate it and use it as containers. But these can be effective more as decorative night lights.

Or you could make mason jar lanterns or bulbs and hang them around your house. Imagine the jar lights shining at night. Beautiful isn’t it. Then go ahead and make one yourself.