Discover Six Common Causes Of Psoriasis

Discover Six Common Causes Of Psoriasis

Discover Six Common Causes Of Psoriasis Being a disease that can affect all age groups, the causes for psoriasis development are diverse and non-specific, making it a mysterious health condition to deal with. While majority of doctors blame autoimmune responses to be the major cause for psoriasis, environmental factors and unhealthy practices like smoking or alcohol consumption are also known to trigger the development of psoriasis.

What Does Psoriasis Look Like?

In most cases, the affected individual develops dry scaly skin when infected with psoriasis. His/her body constantly tries to shed old dead skin cells on an alarmingly frequent basis, making his/her skin look pale, crusty  and lifeless. The rapid formation of new skin cells to replace the dead cells leads to unwanted accumulation of a large number of cells in the body, causing the skin to look dry, crusty and scaly. In some cases, the affected person can also complain about excessive itching.

Common Causes For Psoriasis

A majority of psoriasis cases are thought to be genetic in nature. It is also classified as an autoimmune disorder where the body’s own immune system attacks the healthy cells from within, disturbing the normal pattern of skin cell reproduction in the body. Other causes for psoriasis development are attributed to environmental factors.

Listed below are six common reasons that could be responsible for the development of psoriasis


According to Mayo Clinic, nearly 40 percent of the people affected with psoriasis have at least one family member who has already been affected with the disease. Psoriasis is classified as a hereditary disorder where gene mutations that are thought to trigger psoriasis are passed on from one generation to the next, inevitably exposing the offspring to develop this disease condition.

Autoimmune Disorder

The white blood cells in the body are responsible for killing and destroying harmful microorganisms or external substances that might try to enter the body and attack the body’s immune system. This way, they protect the body from several diseases and infections.

Common Causes Of Psoriasis


In rare cases, these white blood cells start attacking the healthy cells present inside the body and mark them as ‘foreign’ substances that need to be killed, triggering the development of an autoimmune disorder. This could lead to the development of a variety of diseases including psoriasis in the affected individual.

Being an autoimmune disorder, the chances of reversing or treating psoriasis are extremely low, making it a life long battle for the affected person.

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Excess Alcohol Consumption And Smoking

Cigarettes and/or tobacco release several harmful toxins inside the body, leading to the development of numerous diseases including psoriasis. In most cases, smoking causes immediate and unwanted aggravation of the existing disease condition, leading to further complications.

Alcohol Consumption


Recurring Infections

People with decreased immunity levels like children or those infected with HIV are more susceptible to develop psoriases. Those suffering from strep throat in particular are found to be at a higher risk of developing psoriasis.


Stress will interfere with several internal metabolic processes, forcing the body to release hormones and enzymes that could trigger the development of psoriasis along with a host of other lifestyle related diseases in healthy individuals.



Other Causes

Undertaking certain specific medications could trigger the formation of psoriasis in some patients. Cold weather, climatic conditions and environmental factors could also lead to psoriasis development.

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