Different Stages And Phases Of A Love Relationship

Different Stages And Phases Of A Love Relationship

Different Stages And Phases Of A Love Relationship A romantic relationship is something everyone craves for. It is the one joy of life that is full of meaning, love, caring, understanding, and sensitivity. Two people sharing this special bond are indeed very special to have found each other and to have bonded in such a unique manner.

Love can make the entire world a better place to live and all of a sudden everything around you will feel much lighter and nicer. Relationships develop over time as both the people get closer and closer to each other with their emotional connection reaching new levels all the time. For some couples the physical aspect might come very quickly; however some may choose to wait until their love has truly blossomed. In any case there are a lot of phases that relationships go through and it is important to understand what these are. This way we can get a sense of how a relationship usually progresses.

Perceiving the general and stereotypic progression cycle of a relationship can be very helpful to couples that are having difficulties managing theirs. This is because such information can help bring the couple back on the track of loving and cherishing each other’s presence. As such remember that you two are together because of a choice, a choice that you both made because you felt that you had special feelings for each other.

The first time you saw each other, there was a rush of feelings, a desire to be romantic and physical with each other. This is the first stage of a relationship and the final stage is that of marriage and life long bond together. If you are truly in love with your partner and can manage to mutually survive and live through all the phases of a relationship, then your greatest achievement and reward would be eternal bonds in marriage.

Stage I – Romance

The stage that most couples say to be the best time of their relationship. This is the stage when the two partners find it incredibly hard to keep their hands and bodies off each other. This is usually the high peak of their romantic and possibly physical involvement. The couple has just come together and is very excited to be together. As such nothing matters to them more than being together with each other.

Everything about you and around is romantic and loving and nothing tends to bother you anymore. A phone call or a text message is usually the high point of your day, because there is nothing better than being in communication with the person you are crazy about. All that matters to you is the other person; however soon the effects do start to wear off.

Stage II – Reality

Reality stage of a relationship is when you start realizing the presence of other people around you and start recognizing the presence of an entire world. You will once again be hit by the fact that you are in fact nothing close to being the centre of the world; you are just a person in love.

Different Stages And Phases Of A Love Relationship This is the part that happens for a while in the relationship and is the phase where you start accepting your partner as a person rather than a perfect angel. You will start to notice his/her flaws and things that you are not very fond of.

Stage III – Stability and Maturity

If you survive together through the reality stage, you will then start to feel mature and stable. The feeling of insecurity and trust issues usually are at rest by this stage because you probably have had every fight you could about the issue. In addition to that you also start feeling that you can mange to be away from your partner for a little while, especially if you have something important that needs to be taken care of. You will be madly in love; however you will learn to control your emotions and feelings when you are in your professional lives.

Stage IV – Commitment and Practicality

Being mature requires a lot patience and understanding and is not something everyone can handle. As such it is a very big deal reaching the commitment and practicality stage. This is because this is the stage when you finally accept each other for which the other person is and learn to love them regardless of all of that. Also you learn to be the other half of the relationship and being a couple starts to become second nature and very easy for you. This is the time when love truly blossoms and the couple will start to understand the meaning of true love.

Stage V – Marriage, The Final Step

Now is the time for you greatest reward, being the lifetime commitment to stay together in sickness and in health by the bonds of holy matrimony. Proposing to your girlfriend will feel like the part that has been missing from your life and asking her to marry you will be the one thing you would want the most in this world. Marriage is the greatest bond two people share, and it is celebrated in the hearts of the two people, along with an incredibly romantic honeymoon and lots and lots of love. Following that your life will soon witness the birth of your children and the transformation to a family.


A romantic relationship can be a very deep and intimate one that you share with the person you love the most in this world. These are all the stages of a relationship, a loving and committed one. Depending on how old the couple is, the duration of the different stages can vary a lot; however this is the sequence of the stages and these are main stages.

For instance a teenage couple might feel their desire to be physically intimate with each other last a very long time. Whereas a more mature couple might find their stage I adventures couples mutually with stage III and IV. As such no matter what the relationship, the end stage is always the best reward for surviving the previous four stages together.