Delicious Rice Kheer Recipe You Must Try In Your Home

Delicious Rice Kheer Recipe

Rice kheer is one of the famous dessert recipes of India. It is cooked in every hose during any occasion or celebration. This recipe is so simple that every one can try it in their home but it tastes great indeed. The ingredients that are used in this recipe are very simple and also available in any local market or shop.

Below Mentioned Is Delicious Rice Kheer Recipe

Nutrition Value Of Rice Kheer

Delicious rice kheer is also very nutritious for us as we have used full fat milk in it which gives rich taste to this dessert recipe and is rich in protein and fat. Rice and sugar is a great source of carbohydrate and glucose which is highly essential for our body. So, what are you waiting for today. Try rice kheer in your home today.

Recipe of Rice Kheer


Full fat milk 1 liter, Rice 200 gm, Raisins 20 gm, Cashew 20 gm, Sugar 100 gm, Khoya Kheer 50 gm,Condensed milk 3 table spoon, Cardamom Powder ½ tea spoon.



Wash the rice in water and soak the rice for 10-15 minutes in water. Use small grain rice as it will give the kheer a nice look and consistency. Now drain the excess water from the rice and keep them in a plate.

Wash the rice in water

Take a heavy bottomed saucepan and pour 1 liter of full fat milk in it. Now boil milk in the saucepan in medium flame until it reduces in to half of its quantity. The dessert recipe needs constant stirring to ensure that the ingredients do not stick at the bottom of the pan.

boil the milk

Now add the soaked rice in to it and cook it for 15-20 minutes until the rice is done. Stir the whole mixture carefully and cook the rice in medium flame. When the rice goes soft add sugar in to it. Those who have restrictions for sugar they can use any sugar substitute in the rice kheer. Now add khoya kheer in this dessert recipe and stir well thus it does not stick at the bottom of the pan. Mix it well until it attains a thick sticky consistency and the smell comes out. Now add the condensed milk in it and stir the mixture carefully.Add ½ tea spoon of cardamom powder in to it and stir it well. Now off the gas as the recipe completes. Garnish with rose petals and serve your delicious recipe of rice kheer in a glass bowl.