Mouthwatering & Delicious Mexican Foods

Mexican Foods

Mexican Foods Mexican foods are known for being delicious and mouth watering. These foods are known for their varied flavors, their colorful decorations, and their amazing taste. A number of spices are used in Mexican foods and Mexican foods are often spicy and hot, which adds to their flavor. Mexican cuisine is a unique combination of traditional and European elements which adds to the richness of the cuisine. Mexican cuisine is also heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine.

The most common ingredients of Mexican foods are corn and rice. These are two staple grains of the Mexican diet. Both these grains are used in various kinds of dishes. Corn is also used to make masa, which is the base dough for dishes like tortillas, tomales, gorditas and others. Some other widely used ingredients in Mexican foods include pepper, squash, garlic, cheese, lemons, beans frijoles and red wine.

Mexican foods are known for their spices and their rich flavors. Oregano, Cilantro, Chili powder, Chipotle, and Cinnamon are some of the spices which are used in Mexican foods. Although these ingredients and spices have been a part of the Mexican cuisine for years, Mexican foods are constantly evolving with the addition of new ingredients and spices.

Mexican dishes are often elaborate and require careful preparation with the right amount of ingredients and spices. With its exotic flavors spices and salsas, Mexican foods are very tasty and scrumptious. Mexican cuisine was added to the UNESCO list of ‘intangible cultural heritage’ in 2010.

Mexican Foods According To The Regions In Mexico

Mexican cuisine is quite varied as already mentioned and there are many regional differences in Mexican foods. This country has varied regional cooking specialties according to the geography and climate of the region. Hence while meat dishes are popular in the northern regions, places near the Gulf of Mexico have an abundance of delicious seafood.

For instance, while in Northern Mexico there is a prevalence of traditional dishes such as burrito sized tortillas, pinto refried beans, Spanish rice, dried meat and beef; in southern Mexico, chicken and vegetables are more popular along with corn tortillas, and black bean dishes.

In the Yucatan peninsula, there is a mixture of Arabian and Asian cuisine with infusions of traditional Mayan ingredients such as achiote, chaya, turkey, deer and honey. Some popular Yucatan preparations include Poc-Chuc, which is a pork dish with orange and achiote, Chiltomate which is a sauce with chilies, roasted tomatoes and onions, and Papadzules which have tortillas with hard boiled eggs with squash and tomato sauce.

One of the most popular salad dishes in the world today is the Caesar Salad and it has its origins in the Baja peninsula. The Baja peninsula is also popular for paella, fish tacos as well as wine regions such as the Santo Tomas, San Vicente and San Antonio.

The State of Durango in northern Mexico is famous for the traditional Barbacoa dish which is prepared by steaming various kinds of meats in an underground pit of coals. Other delicious Mexican foods in this region include the Venado Asado, machaca, pitahaya and a fruit paste called Ate.

The state of Jalisco is famous for its production of tequilas and also the Tortas Ahogadas which is a sandwich covered in sauce. Veracruz is home to the Veracruz sauce which has green olives and pimientos as core ingredients. This region is also known for hoja santa which is a herb and another sauce known as the pollo encacahuatado including chicken and peanuts. The Tabasco state is of course known the world over for its Tabasco sauce and also fresh water fish and seafood.

The delicious Chile en Nogada with green chilies, walnut sauce and pomegranates, the Camote made of sweet potatoes and the Rompope beverage belong to the state of Puebla. The mole sauce which is usually eaten with chicken also originated in Puebla.

Some other fascinating regions include Oaxaca which is famous for its chocolates made with cinnamon and nuts; Empanadas, Chapulines, Iguana Tamales and banana mole. Sinaloa is famous for its signature dish, the Chilorio which has pork in chili sauce and a seafood extravaganza known as Campechana Sinaloense.

The city of Acapulco is home to the traditional Enchiladas and Posole while the city of Los Cabos is known for shellfish and fish tacos.

Some aspects of delicious Mexican foods

While Mexican foods are generally elaborate, some traditional Mexican foods are simple and easy to prepare and delicious too. For example, Enchiladas which are a popular Mexican dish are also eaten all over the world. Enchiladas have various kinds of stuffing including meat, chicken and vegetables. The seasoning aspect of Mexican foods and especially dishes such as Enchiladas is very important. Some common seasoning ingredients include olive oil, flour tortillas, and also basil and tomato tortillas.

One of the most common yet popular sauces in Mexican cuisine is the salsa. It is generally spicy and hot and is served with a number of dishes. One of the best aspects of Mexican cuisine is that you can add your own ingredients and make the dishes unique. Also, Mexican foods go with most other world cuisines so you can have these sauces and tacos with anything else that you want to.

There are also several health benefits of Mexican foods. Mexican foods are rich in minerals and vitamins and are usually low fat foods with few calories.

There have also been many changes to the ways in which Mexican foods are cooked. While previously, Mexican foods used to be cooked by placing them in iron pots or clay pots, and the food was heated over an open fire, today, these foods can be cooked quicker and with less effort. Baking and grilling are significant characteristics of cooking Mexican foods and hence an oven and grills are necessary, especially when cooking meat and chicken.

With a large variety of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, spices and oils, Mexican foods are diverse in their flavors and tastes. Delicious Mexican foods are becoming more and more popular across the world.

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