Delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Chocolate fudge cake is a delightful piece of wonder for all chocolate lovers in the world. Every bite oozes unmatched pleasure of delicious melting chocolate that work like magic on your senses. In addition, the soft and succulent cottage cheese topping makes this cake absolutely heavenly. Prepare this cake at home and treat your taste buds to divine happiness.

Ingredients For The Cake:

Cocoa powder- 25 grams
Margarine- 125 grams
Instant coffee powder- 3 tablespoons
Water- 125 ml
Brown sugar- 125 grams
Egg- 3
Melted chocolate- 75 grams
All purpose flour- 250 grams
Butter- For greasing

Ingredients For The Cake

Ingredients For Frosting:

Cottage cheese- 200 grams
Melted chocolate- 75 grams
Few chocolate pieces- For garnishing

Ingredients For Frosting

Method of Preparation:

1. Place a heavy bottomed pot on the flame. Pour the water and allow it to boil for few minutes. Now add the coffee and cocoa powder and stir the mixture properly. Turn off the flame and pour the mixture in a separate bowl. Let it cool down.

Allow Water to boil

2. In a big glass bowl, combine the sugar and margarine and blend them together with a help of a blender. Keep on blending until they mix together properly. Next, add the eggs one by one and keep on blending continuously. Check to see whether you have got a smooth consistency. Now add the coffee and cocoa powder mixture and mix once again. Finally, add the all purpose flour and blend till you get a nice smooth paste. There should be no lumps in the mixture.

3. Take an 8 inch baking tin and grease it properly with butter. Pour the cake mixture into the tin and spread it evenly. Place the baking tin in a pre-heated over and allow it to bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 degree centigrade. Take out the cake from the oven and keep it aside for sometime.

Cake mixture

4. Now gently cut the cake diagonally from the centre. In a wide bowl, put the cottage cheese first and mash it very nicely. Next, add the melted chocolate and mix together. Take half quantity of this mixture and spread it on top of the cake. Take the remaining mixture and press it gently on the surface of the cake like a sandwich. Grate some chocolate pieces and put them on top of the cake. Your chocolate fudge cake is ready to be eaten!

Serve the cake

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