Delicious Chicken Pasta Recipes

Chicken Pasta Recipes

Chicken and pasta is a heavenly combination. This combination has given rise to some of the greatest Italian recipes like chicken cannelloni and chicken fettuccine Alfredo. Chicken fettuccine alfredo is one of the most popular chicken pasta recipes.

The creamy and cheesy white sauce with the soft and juicy chicken pieces add an entirely new definition to the dish. However, people often complain about the bland flavor of the chicken in fettuccine alfredo. But if you want to serve an amazingly flavorful chicken fettuccine alfredo, make sure that you follow this recipe.

Servings: 4 Preparation time needed: 20-30 minutes Cooking time needed: 15-20 minutes


16 oz. of uncooked fettuccine pasta 8 tablespoons of butter 1 tablespoon of granulated garlic 2 cups of grated parmiggiano reggiano cheese 4 chicken cutlets, halved 2 cups of heavy cream 1 tablespoon of granulated onion Salt, to taste Freshly ground black pepper


Water In Large Pot

1. Take a large pot and fill it up with lots of water, so that the water level comes up almost to the top. Place the pot over high heat and wait for it to come to a rolling boil. In the meantime, lay the chicken cutlets in a plate and sprinkle half of the required amounts of granulated onion, salt, granulated garlic and freshly ground black pepper evenly over the chicken cutlets. Once done, flip the chicken cutlets to season the other side with the remaining granulated garlic, granulated onion, salt and black pepper.

2. Now take a deep skillet and warm it up on medium heat. Once the skillet is hot enough, drop the butter in it and stir it to melt it quickly. Once the butter cubes are melted place the chicken cutlets slowly in the skillet, without overcrowding the skillet. Cook the chicken cutlets on medium heat for 3-4 minutes and then flip them over to cook the other side for the same duration or until they are cooked through and no longer remain pink.

Deep Skillet Warm It Medium Heat

3. While the chicken breasts are cooking, drop a generous dollop of salt in the boiling water and then tip the fettuccine in the water. Cook the pasta according to package instructions or until they turn al dente. Once done, drain the pasta with the help of a colander and then let it sit in the colander until the entire water is drained away. In the meantime, remove the cooked chicken breasts from the oven and set them aside.

4. Now pour the cream into the skillet and stir to deglaze all the brown bits from the skillet. Cook the cream on medium high heat for 5-6 minutes while stirring it occasionally.

Cook The Cream On Medium High Heat

In the meantime, chop the fried chicken breasts into large bite sized pieces and then set them aside. Once the sauce thickens up, season it with a pinch of salt and black pepper if required and then stir-in the grated parmiggiano reggiano cheese.

The Entire Grated Cheese With The Sauce

5. Combine the entire grated cheese with the sauce and then stir-in the chicken pieces. Coat the chicken pieces with the sauce by stirring everything nicely and then drop the cooked fettuccine pasta into the skillet. Twist and toss the pasta to coat each strand with the sauce and then serve it hot with a little sprinkling of grated cheese on top if you want.

Delicious Chicken Pasta Recipes