Delicious Brinjal Curry Recipes

Stuffed Brinjal Curry

Brinjal is the king of vegetables. Though it does not have much useful vitamins,  no other vegetable can beat its taste.  Many varieties of recipes can be prepared with brinjal and the tastiest one is,  stuffed brinjal curry.

Stuffed Brinjal Curry

Stuffed Brinjal Curry

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To prepare this recipe, you need the following ingredients:

½ kilo  white and round brinjals,
100 grams yellow chana dal,
50 grams black gram,
100 grams ground nuts,
100 grams thil,
6 red chillies,
2 tea spoons salt,
100 grams jaggery,
50 grams tamarind,
4 tea spoons oil,
1 cup chopped coriander leaves.

Method Of Preparation:

Roast yellow chana dal and ground nuts in a pan, without oil. Keep them aside in a bowl. Now, roast black gram and thil in the same pan, because, these take very less time to roast, than ground nuts and chana dal. Switch off the stove and roast red chilli in the same pan. Grind all the roasted ingredients with jiggery in to a fine powder. Now, squeeze tamarind and take out the pulp of it. You will get tamarind juice and mix the grinded powder with it.

Wash brinjals thoroughly and cut them on four sides by not removing the stem. Stuff the powder mixed with tamarind  juice prepared previously, in brinjals. Ensure that, brinjal will not become in to pieces. Stuff the powder in to all brinjals in the same manner.

Heat oil in a thick bottom pan. Put brinjals in to it, one after the other. Close the pan with a lid an open and pour some water on the lid, so that, the curry will not stick to the pan. Saute the cooking brinjals for every 3 minutes, till they are cooked fine. Close the pan, every time you sauté the curry.

Now, add salt to the cooked brinjals. Turn off the stove and garnish the curry with finely chopped coriander leaves. This recipe is the best combination for hot rice, wheat chapatti and also curd rice.

Brinjal And Onion Curry

This is yet another mouth watering recipe with brinjal.

brinjal onion curry

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To prepare this, you need the following ingredients:

250 grams purple and thin brinjal,
2 onions,
1 table spoon yellow chanadal,
1 table spoon black gram,
1 table spoon rai,
1 tea spoon turmeric,
1 tea spoon jeera,
1 table spoon salt,
100 ml milk,
50 ml water,
1 cup chopped coriander leaves.

Method  Of Preparation:

Cut brinjals and onions in to small pieces.  Heat oil in a pan and roast yellow chana dal, black gram, rai and jeera and add turmeric. Close the pan with a lid and sauté after 3 minutes. Now you can add salt and water.

Let it cook with water for another 5 minutes. Finally, pour milk in to the pan and do not close the lid. Let the curry become like a thick gravy. Now, turn off the stove and garnish the curry with chopped coriander leaves. Yummy and delicious brinjal curry prepared with milk is ready for you.

This is also the best combination for wheat chapati and jowari roti.