Delectable Caramelized Banana Pudding Recipe

Caramelized Banana Pudding

Caramelized Banana Pudding A wonderful and delectable dessert, the caramelized banana pudding is an extremely popular dessert among kids. The slight sweetness of this dessert dish makes it an ideal companion for elderly people who suffer from high blood sugar.

Apart from its awesome taste, the caramelized banana pudding is one such dessert which can be prepared in bulk for parties, with minimum efforts. So, follow this simple recipe to stun your guests with your amazing cooking skills.

Preparation time: 20-30 minutes
Servings: 9-10
Baking time: 15-25 minutes


½ cup of all-purpose flour
5 tablespoons of unsalted butter
50 vanilla wafers
1 cup + 3 tablespoons of white granulated sugar
2/3rd cup of firmly packed light brown sugar
5 large eggs, separated
1/3rd teaspoon of ground cinnamon
2 cups of whole milk, at room temperature
5 large ripe bananas, roughly sliced
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
3 large eggs


1. Place a deep skillet over medium heat and throw the butter in it. Wait until the butter melts and then add the brown sugar and ground cinnamon to it. Stir and cook the mixture until the sugar melts and turns bubbly, for approximately 2-3 minutes. Once done, add the banana slices to the sugar mixture and then stir them lightly to coat them with the sugar mixture. Cook the bananas for 2-4 minutes or until they are thoroughly heated and then remove the skillet from the heat.

2. Place a heavy saucepan over medium low heat. Pour 1 cup of white granulated sugar into the saucepan and stir it until it melts. Once that happens, stir-in the flour. Stir the mixture vigorously to combine the sugar and the flour and then slowly pour the milk while mixing it with the rest of the ingredients. Once the milk is combined, crack-open the two eggs and add them to the mixture. Stir to combine the eggs with the mixture and then add-in the two egg yolks. Stir and cook the mixture until well combined. Cook the mixture for 8-10 minutes or until it attains a smooth pudding-like consistency. Once that happens, remove the saucepan from the heat and then stir-in the vanilla extract.

3. Set your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit in order to preheat it. In the meantime, attach a mixing bowl to an electric mixer and set the mixer on medium high. Tip the 4 separated egg whites into the mixer bowl and beat them until they turn foamy and frothy. Now add the remaining sugar 1 tablespoon at a time so that the sugar can easily dissolve in the eggs. Once the entire sugar is added, beat the mixture until stiff peaks are formed.

4. Now take a baking dish and line half of the caramelized banana mixture all over it. Top the layer of the caramelized bananas with the pudding. Spread the pudding all over the layer of bananas and then top it off with half of the wafers. Once done, repeat the same process of layering by topping the wafer layer with the rest of the bananas, pudding and the wafers. Now take the mixing bowl off the electric mixer and spread the meringue all over the final layer of wafers. Once complete, pop the baking tray into the preheated oven to bake the pudding for 15-25 minutes or until the meringue on top achieves a golden brown color. Once ready, take out the pudding from the oven and place over a wire rack to cool it down before serving.

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