Decorative Accessories For Your Home

Home accessories exude warmth and bring out the personality of the home owner. A beautifully designed home will look stark, naked and bare without the right accessories. One can accessorize the house even on a shoe string budget in order to make it look beautiful.

The best part of accessorizing is that you can change it at your whim. Accessories take the form of furnishings, upholstery, curtains, plush cushions, artefacts, paintings and curios. So add some zing to your home with these basic accessorizing tips.

The Living Room

This is one area of your house that ought to speak volumes of your personal style and personality. Bring out the beauty and vividness of your living area with rich, textured hues in curtains, embellished multi coloured cushions and soft carpeting. Your curtains should be of the same colour hue as that of your upholstery and your carpet.

Go in for one or two practical designer furniture pieces for a subtle grace. Your furniture should give an illusion of space, so do away with bulky and voluminous pieces. A couple of tastefully chosen artefacts and a strategically placed mirror can add zest to your room. Enhance your wall decor with accent lights. Choose a couple of ornate lamps to give a warm soft glow to your living area.

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The bathroom can be done up by luxurious accessories like floor mats and intricately carved mirror frames. Decorative tiles, chic sanitary ware and glass can add sophistication to your bathroom.

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Elegant wall and floor cabinets can store your linen and toiletries. Use glass or wrought iron on your bathroom shelves and fitments for a luxurious aura. Don’t forget to add miniature paintings or a couple of bonsai plants for a fresh look.

The Kitchen

Refurbish your kitchen with a state of the art modular kitchen which has place for every kitchen item that you possess. Clutter can mar the decor of a kitchen. Use decorative tiles and well lit glass cabinets that will store all your expensive crockery.

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Flowery, water-proof curtains can adorn your kitchen windows. Place a few potted plants of various herbs like basil, coriander, mint, sage and rosemary for easy access. Add a breakfast counter with trendy chairs and over head lights for a funkier look.


Accessorize your lobby walls with art work. Use decorative brackets to hold soft yellow lights.

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Paint your lobby wall in an unusual colour like a soft blue or a bright red as an interesting variation. A reading niche can be created in a larger lobby.

Bed room

The bedroom is one place which must be decorated to promote maximum relaxation and a sense of comfort. Try not to clutter your bed room with paintings and artifacts. Instead go for plush bedroom furniture sets. Add a love seat at the foot of your bed as an interesting deviation from the norm.

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Always use tastefully chosen curtains and matching bed spreads that can bring out the liveliness of the room. You can alternate thicker curtains with sheer curtains in softer hues. Use bed frills to enhance the look of your bed. An elaborate bed spread with plush cushions and a runner  can make the most drab bed room look alive and exotic. Do invest in quality bed side tables replete with reading lamps. An interesting table can store your family photographs and some artifacts.