Dealing And Overcoming The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation

Dealing With Premature Ejaculation

Dealing With Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation is a very serious health issues amongst men as it drastically affects their sexual life. Premature ejaculaon, by definition is, when a man, indulging in sexual activities, climaxes and ejaculates extraordinarily early and before either of the partners wish for him to do the same. Other terms by which premature ejaculation is usually known are rapid ejaculation,” “ premature climax,” “premature climax,” and more.

In any case it is important to understand that premature ejaculation is a health issue, because it is not healthy to climax so early. In statistical terms, premature ejaculation occurs usually between the first 10 to 30 seconds of penetrating the woman. This is neither any fun for the woman or for the man. This is because sex is meant to be an intimate activity between the two people and it is meant to last for at least a good few minutes. If it comes to a rapid end so early then no one would have any fun in it.

In addition to that, usually it shows that the men are more easily aroused all the time than normal. As well as the health problems, premature ejaculation also affects a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and ofcourse self-control. All of these are also very derogatory in a man’s personal as well as professional life because it can be mentally and emotionally tormenting.

Not to mention that it will effectively ruin your sex life, because every time you will be more and more conscious about not wanting to climax so early. As such you will end up losing focus on the actual exciting part and would anyway not be much for either of your. As such it is important for you to try and overcome these issues mentally, emotionally as well as physically in order to revive and have a flourishing sex and overall feel happy about your life.

Frequent Sex and/or masturbation

If the first few times when you experienced premature ejaculation in your life were or are the first few times you had even been with a woman, then it can be said to be a little natural. This is because a woman’s body is very arousing, and combined with the excitement and internal rush and urge to want to engage in all types of sexual activities can speed up the ejaculatory process. In addition to that the mind exaggerates everything, as such the thoughts that one is having would be quite radical as well.

Problem Of Premature Ejaculation

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As such it is very important for you to try and stay consistent with sexual activities. Even if you are not frequently engaging in sex, you should still regularly masturbate. This is because masturbating is healthy for the body, it reduces and balances out all the built up sexual tensions, and it will help you understand the nature and sensation of your ejaculation much better. This way you can gradually learn to control your ejaculation and prolong sex.

Training the Penis

This is a very essential part and it follows once you have acclimatized to frequent sexual activities either with a partner or on your own. Training the penis is very important because you need to understand how it works specifically for you since every man is different. Every one feels the same feeling of climax differently when ejaculating. You will require either a partner, which is more recommended, or a sexual toy that resembles a vagina in shape and form. Following that once you are sexually aroused, either you or your partner needs to use the thumb and index finger of one hand to firmly hold the head of the penis.

If your partner is doing this then she needs to ensure being gentle because the head of the penis is very sensitive and it cannot stand any pressure or hurt. Hold the head for 30 seconds and then proceed to having sex. It is important you feel comfortable around your partner because you both can help each other improve your sex life together. Once having sex, try to stop a few seconds before you feel that you will ejaculate and wait for a few seconds. Then start again. Repeat the entire process a number of times for a few months, and gradually you will see and feel the difference, as your sex sessions will last much longer.

Concentration and Visualization

One very important, slightly unorthodox, yet effective method for having a long session of sexual activity. For this all you are required to do is, while having sex, stay focused on sex, yet find a non-sexual object in the room that you can visualize and concentrate on. Since you are presently involved in the process of having sex, it is not entirely possible for you to get de-aroused, as such focusing on the object will allow you prolong your sex stamina. When you feel like it is time and your partner both feel the urge of ejaculation, simply bring all your attention to your partner, kiss her, perhaps play with her breasts and before you know it you will reach climax. This will certainly help prevent premature ejaculation.

Use a Condom

It is true that for a lot of men and women, sexual pleasure decreases with the use of a condom as it interferes with the interaction of the involved parts naturally. However it is important for you to understand that using a condom decreases the sensitivity in the head of the penis, as such it is very helpful in reducing and preventing premature ejaculation. Once you get better at having sex for longer periods of time, then you can engage in sex without using the condom.


Some people also buy desensitizing gels to use as they give the penis head a little numb feeling. However it is recommended that you first give the natural methods a chance before trying the drugs. Naturally being able to overcome your problem will ensure a lifetime of happy sexual endeavors and healthy sex as well.

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