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Dating Tips

Dating Tips In today’s modern world, the rules of dating have undergone a massive transformation. There is no longer any general norm that men should make the first move when there is mutual attraction between two people.

Even the role that women play in relationship these days isn’t restricted to the societal expectations as it was just a few years ago. Evidently, women enjoy a lot more freedom these days even when it comes to choosing the man they want to go out on a date with.

Although the rules of dating have changed, without the right approach you might end up attracting attention from the wrong men. With your confidence at the right place, the dating scenario would indeed be a whole new world for you to explore. Here is a quick list of some of the best dating tips that should be kept in mind for a successful dating experience.

Tips To Date A Man

Don’t Be Wary Of Making The First Move

So, you have been waiting for months for this guy to ask you out? Why wait? The norm that it is the man who has to make the first move is a thing of the past. These days, approaching a man you are attracted to and asking him out, means that you exude confidence.

Don’t Be Wary Of Making The First Move

In many cases, the fear of getting rejected makes men cautious about asking the lady out. There is no harm in expressing interest in a man and who knows he might be just too flattered and impressed even before you go on the first date.

Don’t Be Over-Critical

Just because a guy isn’t bestowed with those drooling looks, there is no reason to believe that you wouldn’t be able to share any chemistry with him. Do not spoil your date just because you are not impressed with his looks. Strike a conversation and see whether you actually click. Emotional chemistry plays a significant role in building any relationship. So, physical attractiveness shouldn’t be the only criteria for judging a man.

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Have An Amicable Conversation

The initial dates are meant to be fun and enjoyable. This is the perfect time to get to know the person in a much better way and you are free to ask him casual questions about his hobbies, job, favorite movies, interests and other general topics. It is best to avoid topics such as religious views and politics during the initial dates. Although you may want to know loads about the guy you are attracted to, make sure that he doesn’t end up feeling as if he is appearing for an interview.

Be The First One To Call

So, you had this wonderful time with this date few days ago and he hasn’t called back yet? Why bother? It would do no harm if you are the first person to call.

Dating Tips For women

Instead this would make him realize that you are not only interested but also impressively confident about yourself. Pretending to be hard to get doesn’t actually work out in every situation and besides, if he really liked you in the first date, he might just be pretty excited to hear from you again.