Dating Do’s And Dont’s For Guys

dating tips

dating tips Every woman no matter how practical oriented is she is in her life, has a picture of the man of her dreams, who is mostly inspired from her favourite novel or movie. You cannot of course be the same like the man of her dreams but you can definitely try and be the best man that she has  ever dated. Who knows you might be the last person she dates as she finds the perfect life-partner in you. But the question arises HOW..??

Relax! There’s nothing to worry about, you don’t have to jump from the highest cliff in the world nor do you have to perform aerial stunts like a superman, you just have to be a gentleman and here we are providing you with some really useful dating tips that will help you make your date a really good and memorable one.

Tips On Dating For Guys

Dress to Impress

Dressing up right for a date is the primary and most important thing for the date to go well. Remember ‘first impression is the last impression’, the first thing that the girl will notice about you is your dressing style and if she doesn’t like it she might not really be interested in taking things further with you.

So wear something nice and presentable. Never go with a messed up hairstyle and ragged shoes, wearing some nice cologne will add to your charm.

Talk it Right

The way u talk to a girl and the way you treat her goes a long way in her making up an opinion about you. Remember that you are on a date with a lady and not with a group of your college friends so be soft-spoken and chivalrous. Refrain from talking about anything that might make her feel uncomfortable in your company.

Talks to Avoid

Never talk about your ex-girlfriend or the number of ladies you have dated in the past. If you do that, then that will be the biggest show spoiler. No girl would be interested in knowing all the sad and happy moments that you and your ex-girlfriend shared.

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Be Prepared

When on a date be prepared for questions like “what do u do for an earning?””What’s your current job” and “how much do you earn?”every girl want to be with a man who is serious about his life , a well placed job and a steady earning makes a girl feel secured in life. So give her proper answers when she inquires about stuff like that.

dating tips for guys

Be a Patient Listener

No one is asking you to keep quiet on a date but keep it in mind that you have to listen more and talk less. If you are the kinds who would go on and on without listening to your date then don’t be shocked if that turns out to be your last date with that girl.

Don’t Cross the Line

This is to be kept in mind especially if this is your first date with a girl. remember the fact that every girl is not the same; if in the past you had managed to kiss a girl or take things any further on the first date itself it might not be just the same this time too so be a little patient, try n know the person as much as you can, one wrong move and the date will be over.

So don’t you now think that being a good date isn’t such a herculean task as you perceive it to be? With these handy dating tips for men wishing you the very best for your forthcoming dates!