Dating And Ways Of Coping With Breakup

Dating And Ways Of Coping With Breakup

Dating And Ways Of Coping With Breakup Dating is a term used when two people try to know each other by meeting and going out in public, trying to understand each other both on the emotional and nature front.

In India, dating was not a part of our culture before, but suddenly it’s getting popular in our culture. Dating is the first step towards a healthy relation if it is meant to be. It is not necessary that every time it will work out. It can be seen in the current scenario the individuals do get into dating and also in relationship, but they forget one aspect of relation, i.e. commitment from either of them.

Dating has its negative approaches as well. Blind dating is one of the popular mediums of finding the perfect match for one another. Sometimes, we are able to find the good match for us. However, many times it is seen that with this approach we do land up in the wrong places. The individuals’ meeting through this medium came to know each other for the first time. It’s very difficult to say that we understand the other person just through chatting for some hours or talking on the phone. It is an extremely wrong way of approach for dating or relationships.

Relationships are one of the most complicated parts of life. Nowadays, dating has been becoming a part of our lives. The young generation extremely the teenagers are in dating and having relationships. The implications or the consequences of it is neglected. Dating a person and then breaking up with that person is not taken up seriously by them. We can see that for young generation relationship is not important, which is completely wrong.

Relationships are of many types namely casual relation, or serious relation, or even net chats relation, etc. It is not certain that every relation is successful or every relation has a bad end to it. It is not necessary that everyone understands the wrong effects of a relation or break-up. Enduring a loss of relationship is very difficult for any individual.

Break-up is a situation in which the two individuals in a relation decide to end the relation either mutually or not. It’s a difficult state of mind sometimes, which is had to cope up with. Breakup happens when a couple thinks that the love or liking between them is vanishing, or we can say they start having the difference in their opinions. Often, breakups are very easy to take in and move on with that, but sometimes they have negative or long lasting effects on individuals.

Dating And Ways Of Coping With Breakup

While making this decision it is important that this is told to the partner first, rather than discussing about your decision with any of the friends or close friend. It is not fair on the part of your partner if you discuss your decision of ending up a relation with a third party somewhat than telling the one who is involved with you.

Though, yes telling your close friends about your relation helps you in handling the situation more easily as they will be with you to support. It is also your responsibility that you are true with your partner as well as, not saying that you tried everything and he/she was untrue. Trying to think and tell that you are right in the other one is wrong is morally wrong.

Relations are very fragile and need to be taken care with utmost care and love. It is common that the individuals forget to show care for the other person in times of tension or any kind of pressure in life. Many times it is noted that the clashes start to occur when the care for each other is lost.

Break ups also happens when it is realized that the individuals are different from each other. Moreover, if the individual is not capable of coping up with all the responsibility it caters towards his/her partner or the other half or boyfriend/girlfriend then, in that situation break up is the best suited alternative.

Breaking up is sometimes a hard decision to make. Generally, this decision is taken up when the individual in the relation feels the loss of love between them or when clashes are noticed between them on small things. Before taking the decision to break up every possible step should be taken up to salvage the relation in test. It is necessary to take decisions wisely and not hastily or in anger or rage over each other. While taking up a decision to part ways in a move on, there shouldn’t be a feeling of guilt of not doing everything in our hand.

In the end, we can conclude with all these pro’s and con’s by stating that making a decision regarding relationships needs a lot of thinking. We need to be very careful about our decisions regarding dating or being in relation. Getting into any relation and out of it requires a lot of mental and emotional strength.