6 Cute And Sexy Short Bob Hairstyles For Women

Cute And Sexy Short Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is one of the most primitive hairstyles that has a glam quotient to it. This elegant hairstyle evolved sometimes during the 1910s and since then it has continued to remain favorite among women who love short hairstyles. In its glorious journey of over 100 years, the bob haircut has undergone many experimentations and modifications.

Since its inception, the bob haircut has been tremendously modified and updated to create some of the most beautiful bob haircuts like the inverted bob, A-line bob and shaggy bob. A bob haircut offers a lot of choice as far as the length is concerned; however, if you want to go super short and sexy with your bob haircut, you may want to jazz up your looks with one of these sensational ultra-short bob hairstyles.

Short Bob Hairstyles For Women

Graduated bob

Graduated Bob Haircut

A graduated bob is also sometimes termed as an inverted bob and has become quite popular among women who like to experiment and go bold with their hairstyles. This bob is very similar in appearance to an A-line bob when viewed from the front. However, the main difference can be noticed if you observe the bob from the back.

The hairs at the back are cut in very short layers which make it possible to stack the hairs at the back of the head; thereby, giving a graduated appearance. However, the hairs at the front are kept long, without cutting them in layers. This is the reason why hairstylists often recommend this hairstyle for women who have straight hair. However, you can also go for this hairstyle if you have curly hair, but the stacked feature of this hairstyle may make your hair look highly puffed up. Another reason why this hairstyle is named as a graduated bob is because the length of the hairs gradually increases towards the front from the back, making a sharp angle at the front. This feature gives a very sleek and edgy look to the hairstyle and makes the wearer look like a diva.

Feathered bob

Feathered Bob Haircut

This bob hairstyle can be worn super short because the feathered ends of the hair gives a messy look to the hairstyle, making it look like a medium length bob. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have a round or oval shaped face and for them who have thin hairs. The feathered look of the hairstyle helps to impart texture and body to the hairs; thereby, giving an appearance of volumized hair.

In this hairstyle, the hairs at the back and the sides are cut pretty short with a razor or scissor, which gives the feathered look to the hair. While on the other hand, the hairs at the crown region can be maintained slightly longer in order to get wispy or choppy bangs. So, if you have a wide forehead, you can hide that with bangs.

Short Classic bob

Short Classic Bob Haircut

A classic bob can also be maintained super short. However, women with round face should try to avoid this hairstyle, because this hairstyle will add on to the roundness and chubbiness of their face. Make sure that you maintain your bob just below the length of your ear lobes if you want to get a super short classic bob.

Just like mid-length classic bobs, a super short classic bob can also be paired up with bangs. The most popular and common type of bang that is paired up with a classic bob is the blunt bob. However, if you want some angle for your face, you can also opt for side-swept bang. Small fringes, wispy bangs and parted bangs can also be gracefully paired up with a super short classic bob. Wispy bangs and fringes are perfect for heart shaped and oval shaped faces; however, you may want to go with a brow-skimming or blunt bang if you have rectangular, oblong, triangular or square shaped face.

Shaggy bob

Shaggy Bob Haircut

A shaggy bob is basically a razor-cut layered bob, which looks pretty much like a shag haircut. This hairstyle can be worn short; however, making it too short is nor recommendable as the layers become inconspicuous. A shaggy bob is perfect for all face types, but you should normally avoid it if you have curly hair and you don’t want to straighten them.

In this haircut, the hairs at the top region of the head are trimmed slightly short and then they are teased lightly to add volume to that part. The hairs at the sides and back are razor-cut in angles and their length may vary asymmetrically. You can also pair up this haircut with heavy asymmetrical bangs or a long side-swept bang. This hairstyle looks very gorgeous and you can rave up the look by simply dyeing it completely or highlighting some fringes to add extra playfulness. Other than that, you can also rub on some wax to add texture to your hair.

Mushroom bob

Mushroom Bob Haircut

A mushroom bob is a super short bob which is perfect for women who like to keep their tresses super short. This hairstyle is a combination of the mushroom cut and a classic bob, in which the length of the hair is not extended beyond the nape. In this haircut, the hairs at the front are usually cut in blunt or brow-skimming bangs and then they are gradually increased in length towards the back.

This hairstyle is just the perfect hairstyle if you have become tired of split ends and tremendous hair fall. Although a mushroom bob looks pretty decent and easy to carry, it is not meant for all face types. Especially if you have round face then you should maintain a decent amount of distance from this haircut. Not only do this haircut offer a lot of comfort and playfulness, it is also pretty easy to style. Just roll-in the tips of your tresses all throughout the length of the hairs and you will have a perfectly stylized mushroom bob.

Tapered bob

Tapered Bob Haircut

A tapered bob can be considered to be one of the most versatile bobs. This bob can be worn in both office and in parties and social gatherings. This haircut is so named because the hairs at the back and sides are cut in long layers which give a tapered look to the hairstyle. This feature is very suitable for those who have unnecessarily thick hair and want to get some relief during the hot summer.

Not only this hairstyle offers a lot of comfort, it also lets the wearer to experiment with the styling. You can either choose to leave your hair messy by spreading the soft layers all over your head and crown area or you can also go for a sleek look by nicely combing the bangs and the rest of the hairs and then masking them with shine serum and pomade.

Short Bob Hairstyles For Women