Cure Insomnia With These Effective And Most Recommended Tips !

Cure Insomnia

Cure Insomnia One of the worst ever conditions an individual can be facing is insomnia, lack of sleep or sleeplessness. Sleep is the most essential activity of the day and failing which many complications arise. Apart from good and a healthy diet, good sleep is also very mandatory for the brain and the body to function effectively.

The causes of insomnia might be many but one can be relieved as this disorder can be treated naturally with the help of home remedies. It’s best advised to avoid antibiotics or sleeping pills because one gets addicted to them over a period of time. This might be a bad habit and a damaging addiction. Instead opt for natural treatment. If you are wondering how to get rid of the condition of insomnia, then read on and gather few useful and effective tips.

Well-Balanced Meal/ Stay Fit

No matter what the problem or ailment one is facing, a good healthy meal cures half the problems. Make sure you avoid too much of junk food and foods that are high in cholesterol. Consuming too much of unhealthy foods might gravely affect your health eventually. Instead include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include foods rich in vitamins and also dairy products in your diet. You will gradually experience the results in your health. Your body will feel more healthy and fit.

Apart from a good and nutritious diet, staying fit is also very essential. Make sure you take out sometime off your busy schedule and work out every day. You can either go to the gym or you can go for morning jog, walks and other such physical activities. Once your body stays fit, half your problems will be cured and most importantly you can also avoid future problems. Also incorporate yoga and meditation. It’s very effective and the benefits are many. They not only keep your body toned, but also ensure a sound and calm mind. Once your mind is under your control, you will find it easier to sleep in the night.

Home Remedies to cure Insomnia

This remedy might seem very simple but works for most people. Drink a glass of warm milk after a hot bath, before retiring to bed.  You can also try a biscuit with a glass of hot milk before sleeping with a little honey included if desired. Raw onions is said to be very effective for sleepless patients.  If raw onion is consumed daily, then it purifies the blood and also induces good sleep.

You can try the following breathing exercise to induce sleep. Lie flat on your back and take a few deep breathes for a few minutes. Then turn to your side and you will fall asleep easily. You can also apply a little balm or oil to your nostrils and experience the working effects. Another effective home remedy for insomnia is nutmeg. Take a glass of milk with nutmeg. You can also consume a spoonful of honey before hitting the sack. Make it a habit to drink herbal tea every night before you retire for the day. The benefits are many and it also cures other related disorders.

Great Conviction/ Attitude

Attitude matters the most in all aspects of life. First and foremost you have to develop and practice great conviction and put in all the efforts to help yourself. Be self-motivated and encouraged to work to solve your problem.


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Change your attitude if required. Do not develop a pessimistic attitude; instead be optimistic and positive about solving your problem. Eventually with great conviction and good efforts, you will gradually overcome this sleeplessness.

Let your Imagination take wings

This is a very effective tip for all those who find themselves affected by sleepless nights. Lie down on your bed and close your eyes. Start imagining. You can begin by thinking about something that you had long planned to do and all the preparations included from your part, like a list of things to do. Or you can concoct some imaginary situation and react accordingly in your thoughts. You can also imagine landscapes and mountains and enjoy the breathtaking imagery, a product of your imagination. You will gradually feel sleepy and without your knowledge you will be sound asleep.

Keep your Mind Free

Often times we find it difficult to sleep because of the many things that keep bothering us. Learn to keep stress at bay. Keep all your worries away from your bed and when you sleep try to de stress. This will provide the much needed relief. You can opt for which ever activity that best relaxes your mind and body. Read a good book before you head to bed. Or you can listen to some music. This will slowly relax your mind and make it easier to fall asleep.

Draw a Schedule

Often times our schedule keeps fluctuating and as a result one becomes vulnerable to sleep disorders, make sure you fix timing. Wake up early at a particular time and make sure you go to bed early as well. You need at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep for your mind and body to function effectively. If you wake up very late every morning then needless to say you will find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Even during holidays, make sure you wake up early. You can keep yourself busy by doing what best interests you. Then hit the bed early and enjoy a good sleep. Once you condition your mind and body to follow a particular schedule, then it’s easier to fall into the rhythm.

These are some steps you can try to conquer sleeplessness. If you problem persists then make sure you visit a good medical practitioner as it might be something deeper. Most often it’s just a psychological notion. Once you rid yourself of all your preconceived notions and ideas, you will be able to sleep. Unless you put in the desired efforts and attitude, you might not seek results. Try it with all your mind and body and eventually you will get rid of this unpleasant sleeplessness.

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