5 Cool Ways To Wear A Bandana

Cool Ways To Wear A Bandana

A bandana is a low cost accessory that has the ability to spruce up almost any outfit even when it is not dressy. Besides being a fashion element, bandanas can be worn in several different ways easily making it a must for every wardrobe.

This unisex accessory comes in different colors and patterns and therefore makes it easy for you to mix and match with your attire. Learn some cool ways to wear your bandana and become the talk of your group(s).

Tips To Tie A Bandana

The Classic Style

Classic Style For Bandana


The bandana was introduced as a headband and continues to be one of the frequented accessories not just to stay away from the sun but also as a mean of style. There are two ways of wearing a classic styled bandana. You can fold the square piece of cloth to form a triangle; take both long ends and drape them over your forehead.

Now tie the ends together at the back of your head near your nape. Alternatively, you can fold a tiny portion of one of the ends inward and diagonally drape the longer ends over your forehead and tie them at the back. Subsequently, the top portion will have to be pulled back neatly and fastened to the knot at your nape. The style may be common but has the power to look contemporary and fashionable.


Headband For  Bandana


Popularized by rap artists, the headband is now emulated by everyone. Begin by folding the bandana to form a triangle. Next, keep folding from the longer side until you reach the only remaining end of the bandana. You are now left with a long strip and two ends. Carefully place the strip of band on your forehead and bring both ends to the back of your head and tie into a knot. You can carry off a casual look with such a style.

Alternatively, you can also carelessly fold your bandana to form a long strip that is not necessarily neat. Repeat the process of tying a knot at the back and you are left with another stylish look in no time. Improvise by pulling a long end to the side of your shoulder and create yet another look.

Like A Sweatband

Sweatband For Bandana


Fold the bandana to form a triangle. Twist the longer end to reach the tip. You are left with a long sausage-like strip of bandana. Now, bring it from your nape to make a neat knot on the top of your head. This style is most suited for women but experimentation can be done by anyone.

Use Your Wrist

Although the bandana was introduced for your head; you can try wearing it on your wrist and create a new style statement. Tie the bandana on your wrist neatly to form a thick band with ends tucked inside.

Wrist For  Bandana

On Clothes

You need not wear your bandana on any part of your body and still create different looks. Carelessly tuck in the cloth either in the rear pocket of your jeans or the side pocket and let the other end hang loose outside.

Clothes For Bandana

Bandanas can also be used as scrunches or neatly tucked into shirt or jeans pockets with just one end peeping out. Explore cool ways of wearing a bandana and stay fashionable.