Cool Math For Kids Games

Cool Math For Kids Games

Cool Math For Kids Games While some kids may have an inborn or acquired affinity for the subject mathematics, others may have a problem in this regard. The latter group requires the positive coaxing and prodding in the right direction.

One way to do this is by engaging your kids with some cool math games which will not only go a long way in breaking all the myths regarding the complexity of mathematics but will also keep your kids intelligently engaged. Here below are some of the cool math games for kids.

Cool Math for Kids Games

The Guess a Number Game

Make your child consider any number between one and one hundred and then ask him or her various kinds of questions which are all targeted towards guessing the number which your child may be thinking. Your questions may be anything from whether the number is a prime one to if it is divisible by the number three.

Once you are able to guess the number, make your child guess the number you are thinking about using the same methods you used. This game will help your child to understand numbers better and know about the characteristics of various numbers in a manner which will not frighten your child away from mathematics and will be quite fun and engaging.

The War Game Using Cards

The various card games are targeted towards making your child understand the basic concepts of mathematics without even realizing it. Your child can go through addition and subtraction in a clear and precise manner. Another card game which is similar to the War game is the Go Fish game.

Cool Math For Kids Games

The Guess the Money Game

Clear the concept of money for your child by asking him or her that if you have say coins which are worth seven cents which are the various denominations you may be having. However, before going through with the game it’s important to make your kid familiar with the various types of currencies, only then will he/she be able to guess the correct coins you may be holding. In the initial stages do not give your child anything more than some cents or may be a few dollars.

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Once the children are comfortable with the small denominations you can gradually increase the complexity of your questions, for example than you can ask the child that if you are holding 6 number of coins which are all together worth at least 30 cents then what are the possible denominations you may be having.

The Funbrain Website Game

In this cool math for kid’s game, the child needs to progress in a board game by solving the various math problems. The skill level can be picked up according to the ability of the kid. Other such games available online include Math Mission where the difficulty levels are divided according to the kindergarten and also the fifth grade level.

The difficulty of the various games increases with the progress of the child. If the going is easy the complexity of the game also increases in proportion, on the other hand if the player is unable to cope up with the difficulty level then the playing automatically becomes easy.