Conscious and Mindful Parenting Tips

Conscious and Mindful Parenting Tips

Conscious and Mindful Parenting Tips The key to any peaceful home is to stay together happily. Ask any parents across the globe that what is their foremost desire for their kids and the answer will be to keep their kids happy always. As parents, all of us want our children to remain happy and healthy. We make every possible effort under the sun to raise them in an apt manner so that they grow up into intelligent, successful and cheerful adults.

Tips For Mindful Parenting

We want our children to make wise decisions, differentiate between the good and the bad, make positive choices and stay healthy. But in order to make this happen, we ourselves as parents have got certain duties towards our children.

The parents should remember that as no one is perfect in this world, therefore even they need to learn some parenting tips so that they make some conscious and mindful decisions. It is possible that unknowingly, you might be making some mistakes and sabotaging your kids’ happiness. This article sheds light on some basic yet significant parenting tips which tell you about how not to sabotage your kids’ happiness and how to raise them in a better way.

Have Lots of Patience & Calmness

Being parents you need to have lot of patience and calmness. Of course you want to teach new things to your children but then, after all, they are children only – tender, delicate and innocent. They will take their own time to learn things. Moreover, every child has his own learning pace.

Mindful Parenting Tips

Infuse Humor into Instruction

This is a wonderful tip that really works wonders for parents. Infusing humor makes your instruction an easy thing to follow for your kid. For example, if your kid is not ready to brush his or her teeth, instead of scolding him or her, tell that if he or she doesn’t brush, the bacteria will enjoy a night-long party inside his or her mouth.

Offer Choices to your Kids

When you offer choices or options to your children they feel as if even they have got some control over their lives. For example, ask them, “So what do you want to have, an ice-cream or delicious suji halwa?” Similarly, you can offer choices in many other matters.

Make your Children Learn from their Mistakes

Experience is the best teacher. So let your kids experience few things which can be taught better through experience only. Let them learn through their mistakes.

Try to be Connected & Loving

When your children come back from school, they want to share their day’s experience with you. What they learnt, who they met, which new friends they made or many other things like that which might look trivial to adults but are of utter importance in children’s lives. You should stay connected with your child and should lovingly listen to all such talks.

Encourage the Endeavors of Your Child

The best way to boost up your child’s confidence is to encourage even his little efforts. Be it a small picture which he or she has drawn or it is for the first time that he has eaten food himself, all such little achievements need encouragement from parents .

Do not Compare your Kids with anyone else

Many times, parents while scolding their children, compare their kids with others like “You have secured only 60 % marks. Look at Shyam, he is so intelligent and has got 90%”. Such comparisons are very disturbing and can put the child in despair. Always tell your children that they have done very good but next time they will try for even better.

Be a Good Listener to your Kids

Listening to kids attentively makes them feel that their parents care about them and give value to them, so try to be a good listener.

So follow these simple but magical parenting tips and see your children smiling everyday!

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