Common Symptoms Of High Blood Glucose

Symptoms Of High Blood Glucose

 Symptoms Of High Blood Glucose Processed sugar is lethal for diabetics as it can cause a rapid hike in the blood sugar levels, complicating the condition of diabetes. Consuming excess of sugar puts you at risk for diabetes.

Sugar is fast gaining notoriety for being one of the chief causes of obesity which can lead to diabetes. A normal amount of sugar is alright but large intakes can prove to be harmful especially if you are not expending the additional calories.

The advent of junk food has increased the consumption of colas, pastries and cakes and the maximum number of calories are being provided by these unhealthy foods. While sugar is sweet, the results are not very sweet when it comes to the functioning of your body. Here are some of the harmful effects.

Symptoms Of High Blood Glucose

Effects on the Immune System

Glucose has structure that is similar to vitamin C and an excess of glucose can rob the body of essential vitamin C as the sugar interferes with the absorption of vitamin C. A blood sugar level of 120 mg/dl can reduce the person’s disease fighting ability by as much as 75%. This in turn plays havoc with our imunity and  makes us susceptible to infections, disease and illness.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Sugar gives empty calories which if not burnt gets deposited in the arteries in the form of plaque.This leads to a host of cardio vascular conditions like heart attack or stroke. Constant and high consumption of sugar can also lead to excess weight, hypertension, obesity and heart attacks.

It Impairs the Functioning of Liver and Pancreas

Sugar impairs the functioning of the liver, which can lead to excess production of bile and decreased production of the sugar controlling insulin. Excess refined sugar in the diet leads to diabetes.

high blood glucose symptoms

In diabetes the body tries very hard to get rid of the excess sugar from the body and this excess sugar is excreted in the form of urine. This forces the kidneys to work harder and puts pressure on them.

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Sugar is one of the biggest reasons for excess flab. Excess consumption of sugar just gives empty calories, which are seen in the form of subcutaneous fat and love handles. Most of the sugar related excess fat gets stored on the waist which proves to be lethal in the long run. Sugar gives energy but excess of energy that is not needed by the body gets stored in the form of fat. Excessive consumption of sugar is main reason for the rise of obesity.

Nervous System Disorders

Excess sugar circulating in the body puts a person at a risk of Alzheimer’s as per latest research. People who consume more sugar are also likely to be more depressed, irritable and hyperactive active. More sugar leads to insomnia especially if you have a sugary snack late at night.

It is not surprising then that sugar can severely damage the functioning of the body. While diabetes is not potentially life threatening and can be managed, why wait until it is too late? We all know that diabetes remains an incurable disease and is largely impacted by the sugar you consume in your diet. So if you want to stay healthy and disease free, curtail the amount of sugar in your diet.