Common Signs And Symptoms Of Scabies

Symptoms Of Scabies

Symptoms Of Scabies The causative agent of scabies (contagious skin infection) is a small parasite mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. The size of this mite is so small that you cannot see with your naked eyes. You may experience skin irritation and severe allergic reactions due to this contagious skin infection.

This skin infection is contagious; therefore, you can get this infection through skin contact with people close to you. You can also get scabies by sharing objects with people who have contracted this disease. You need to visit your doctor immediately if you have a doubt that you are suffering from scabies otherwise it could lead to other serious complications.

This article is written to increase your knowledge about scabies and to inform you about the precautions you need to take if you have contracted this disease. Hope, you will find this article very useful and informative.

How Scabies is Transmitted from One Person to Another?

Scabies is transmitted from one person to another through skin to skin contact. But you should remember that you will not get the infection if you simply shake hands or share clothing with the person having scabies. However, if you develop a sexual relationship with the person who has contracted scabies then you are most likely to get this skin infection. You can also get this infection from your pets like dogs and cats.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Scabies?

If you have contracted scabies then you may observe red bumps and blisters on your skin that may spread to other parts of your body. You may also observe scabies rash on your knees, on the sides of your feet, around your waist, on the elbow, on the wrists and on the genital area. When the scabies mite bites your skin, a rash develops on your skin as a result of an immune system response.

You may begin to feel an extreme itchiness due to this skin rash particularly at night. Symptoms of a scabies infection take time to express themselves, therefore, it is possible that you may not be aware of the fact that you are suffering from this skin infection and you may transmit the infection to another person through skin contact.

What are the Treatments for Scabies?

There are various medications that are highly effective in treating scabies. Your doctor may recommend you to apply topical creams on the affected area of your skin. These topical creams are capable of killing scabies mites. You need to apply these topical creams regularly to get best results. You should talk to your doctor about which medication will be best for you.

Useful Information You should Know About the Scabies Mite

The scabies mite is microscopic in size and consists of eight legs. Male mites are smaller in size than female mites and female mites are usually the initiator of the infestation. These mites are not able to survive at temperatures below twenty degree Celsius and are incapable of flying or jumping. Scabies infestations have been found in nursing homes, health care facilities and hospitals.