Common Problems Of The Eyes

Problems Of The Eyes

Problems Of The Eyes Eyes are said to be the windows of the soul and the gift of vision is a gift we should all be thankful for. In today’s world we face a plethora of eye problems due to pollutants, excessive exposure to tv, watching glaring lights, intoxicants ,wrong food choices, mental tensions etc. Discussed here are some common eye problems,  their possible causes and how we can identify and deal with them while taking consultation and treatment from an eye specialist.

Problem Of Eyes

Tired Eyes

Bright lights and prolonged reading may tire the eyes. It’s good to take breaks after regular intervals. Cover your closed eyes with both palms formed in a cavity and open the eyes to observe the darkness. Gently rub the eyes with the tip of the thumb and repeat covering with palms and seeing darkness. This exercise , soothes tired eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark circles are caused by anemia and tension. Two more causes are lack of proper nutrition and sleep so make sure u get enough of both. Placing two cucumber slices on both the eyes reduces tension.


 It could be due to viral or bacterial infection and is highly contagious. The eyes become red, sticky , swollen, watery and painful. It’s important to keep the eyes clean. Wash them with warm water at-least twice a day. Consumption of salt should be reduced.

Conjunctivitis problem in eyes


A little pimple like thing appears on the eyelash due to inflammation. Anyone can develop a stye without outside contamination but once a person gets it, the infection can be passed on to others. It will take its own time and get healed .It should never be popped. Soak a clean cloth in hot water and place it on the eye to bring relief.

Night Blindness

 Poor vision in the night or night blindness is caused by the lack of vitamin A. Take foods rich in vitamin A. Mangoes, tomato, coriander leaves papaya and carrots are all good for this condition.

Eye Allergies

Eyes can become swollen, puffy, watery , red and painful if due to  allergens like pollen from certain flowers ,dust etc or due to changes in weather. Dip a cloth in cold water and keep it on your closed eyes. Your eye doctor will prescribe an antihistamine to counter the problem.

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Dry Eyes

As the name suggests this is caused when not enough tears are produced in the eyes and the eyes get burning sensation and itchiness due to dryness. It could be due to dry climate, or part of the aging process or, use of certain medications , or the use of contact lenses.

Dry Eyes

The specialist  may prescribe drops to keep the eyes moistened. Drinking a lot of water will help.Foods with omega -3 fatty acids are useful in preventing dry eyes.

Color Blindness

 It is a genetic disorder and person often finds difficulty in seeing blue and yellow, or red and green hues. It can also be due to parkinson’s disease, cataract ,  etc. Specialists may prescribe the use of special lenses to enhance color perception . They  can tell  ways  to help the patient cope.

Weak Eyesight

 It could be genetic or  due to  other reasons in some cases, and the doctor will give suitable glasses for clarity of vision  . Taking amla juice or preserve will help.  Exercises  for the eyes ,like palming also help.

Some Home Remedies For Healthy Eyes

Soak Triphala in water overnight. Strain and use this water to splash on the eyes. This helps in most eye diseases.Eye ailments caused by heat can get alleviated if a cotton swab soaked in pure rose water is kept on them when they are closed.Taking a diet rich in nutrients is good for the general health and well being of the eyes. Enough sleep is essential for repair and rejuvenation.