Common Causes Of Constipation

constipation problem

constipation problem The human bowel system is usually subjected to many problems and troubles. Some people may also develop a bowel disease which might be acquired or genetic. An upset bowel makes up an upset person. Obviously, if a person does not feel well from inside, they won’t show up to be as nice and fresh as compared to normal people.

Talking about common bowel troubles, constipation stands to be the most common amongst them. Other terms for constipation are costiveness and dyssynergic defaecation. Constipation refers to the condition bowel movements when it is hard to pass out the faeces. It also explains a condition of failure to pass out stools.

Constipation can affect people belonging to any age group and any gender. Due to constipation, one is unable to pass stools easily or cannot empty their bowel properly. The severity of constipation varies amongst people. This bowel trouble may be temporary or may persist for long (chronic).

Due to constipation, stools are passed out in the form of hard pallets. One may have to put extreme pressure to pass out faeces as they become are quite hard. Moreover, the frequency of passing stools becomes decreased, like up to just two to three times a week.

Causes of Constipation

Not passing out waste materials properly from the body can pose harms to health. Due to constipation, a person may feel pain in stomach, may experience bloating, nausea and will develop a reduced appetite. Constipation is enough to make a person feel unwell and sick all the time. Pain and discomfort shall also occur while passing out hard stools.

Constipation is not a disease, it is a symptom. Any underlying cause can be the reason, why a person may suffer from this condition. There are numerous causes of constipation which are discussed one by one in the following content of the article.

Congenital causes of Constipation

Congenital diseases are developed in a person during their neonatal life period. Congenital constipation refers to the condition when a child is born with such trouble of bowel. A congenital cause of constipation is rare and is a symptom of deformed gut of the fetus. As it is seen in the case of a congenital disease known as Hirschsprung’s disease, in which, there is a deformity in the formation of the intestine of the fetus. The result of which is, the colon muscles fail to relax causing an obstruction. This causes chronic constipation in the affected child.

Constipation Due to Improper Diet

The most common cause of constipation could be the improper dietary intake. Dietary issues account for the secondary causes of constipation. A lack of fibers in the diet may lead to passage of hard and infrequent stools. Fibers in diet of which, oat meal is a major source, helps in clearing the bowel of a person from waste and toxic materials.


Taking too much coffee, tea and alcohol can cause constipation too. Not drinking much water can also cause constipation. When the faeces reach a certain part of the colon, further absorption of water and salts take place which makes the waste material more solid. Hence, drinking adequate amounts of water and keeping yourselves adequately hydrated can help prevent constipation.

Medicinal Causes of Constipation

Some medicines may cause constipation as a side effect. Examples may include anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, anti-psychotics, iron supplements, calcium supplements, aluminium antacids (medicines that treat indigestion) and diuretics.

In case if someone feels that the medicine they are taking is causing constipation, then they must refer to their doctor so that if possible, he might prescribe an alternative medicine.

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Psychological Causes of Constipation

Some people may also have constipation due to psychological causes. It is a fact that certain emotional factors can influence the bowel habits of a person.

constipation problem

The psychological causes of constipation include depression and anxiety. Emotional distresses not only affect the bowel functioning but are also known to be the cause of many other disorders one may develop.

Metabolic and Muscular Causes

Any underlying metabolic or muscular disease/disorder can also be the reason behind constipation. Such causes include diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypercalcemia, celiac disease, muscular dystrophy (muscle wasting); MS, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more diseases can cause constipation.

Constipation Due to Pregnancy

According to an estimate, about 40 percent of pregnant women face constipation in the early stages of their pregnancy. During this period, constipation is a normal result of hormonal changes. In pregnancy, there is an increase in the progesterone levels that make it difficult for the colon muscles to contract and push out the faeces.