Common Causes Of Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Causes Of Breast Pain During Pregnancy During your pregnancy, your body will undergo many changes including breast changes to meet your current requirements. The two hormones estrogen and progesterone are responsible for these changes.

What are Normal Breast Changes During Pregnancy?

You should know about the changes your breast will go through during pregnancy. You should also know what breast changes are normal and what are not. You may observe stretch marks on your breast as your pregnancy progresses. You may also feel heaviness in your breast. Your breast will begin to grow in your first trimester. You may sometimes observe a yellow discharge from your breasts. Your nipples will become larger and the skin around them will become dark and develop bumps called Montgomery’s tubercles. You may also experience itching in your breast. Your breast may become sore, tender and swollen.

What are the Factors Responsible for Breast Pain?

Leaky breast

Your breast may leak in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy due to the production of colostrum by your breast. Your baby will get all the nourishment from this thick fluid initially. You can use a nursing pad as it will help in easing your breast pain. If you will not wear bra then your pain may become severe. You can also wear a padded or a sports bra if you feel comfortable in them and your breasts are very heavy.

Fibrocystic Breast Changes

This is the most common factor responsible for causing breast pain. Fibrocystic breast changes involve swelling of the cyst located in the fibrous tissue.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones present inside your body undergo many changes during your pregnancy. Presence of high estrogen levels in your body is responsible for causing breast pain.

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Change in Bbreast Shape and Size

You may observe many changes in your breast shape and size due to the formation of milk ducts and milk producing cells. During your pregnancy, many layers of fat begin to accumulate beneath your breasts and cause changes in their size and shape that lead to breast pain.

What to Wear During Pregnancy to Minimize Breast Pain?

During your pregnancy, it would be good if you purchase maternity bras as you will feel more comfortable in them. Do not think of purchasing wire bras as these are highly uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. You can also think of purchasing pregnancy sleep bras which can be worn at night.

What Other Things you Can Do to Minimize your Breast Pain?

You should drink plenty of water during your pregnancy as it helps to detoxify your body. You should try to be as active as possible. If possible, consume less salt as it can make your breast pain worse. You should consult your gynecologist if you are experiencing severe breast pain. You should take medications only after consulting him or her. You should practice yoga and meditation to relax yourself. You should continue doing light household chores to keep your body fit and healthy. Yoga and meditation will give you energy to tolerate breast pain.