Common Causes And Symptoms Of PCOS In Women

Common Causes And Symptoms Of PCOS In Women

Common Causes And Symptoms Of PCOS In Women Many teenage girls complain that, they are putting on weight and their skin is becoming very oily.   These are quite common even for young adult women.  Such women cannot become pregnant, in majority of the cases.

When diagnosed, the report may show that, they have water bubbles like cysts in their stomach, which is also termed as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS.

The age of a woman is perhaps, the most influencing factor and is related to her ability to become pregnant. Besides age, many other factors such as endometriosis, PCOS, pituitary tumors and pelvic inflammatory disease, can also affect a woman’s fertility.

The symptoms of PCOS are inability to release eggs on a long term and there by eggs will not be fertilized in the uterus. This is also known as ovulation. Irregular ovulation and menstrual cycle, obesity, growth of unwanted of hair, insulin resistance are the most important symptoms of PCOS.

What Is PCOS

The major obstacle for the pregnancy is PCOS.   Many women cannot find out this reason, but think that the disorder in their menstrual cycle is the only cause.   If you are putting on weight abnormally by not getting proper menses, it is time for you to undergo a checkup for PCOS.

In a survey conducted recently, it is estimated that, approximately 22-33% of the women are suffering from PCOS and the disease from it.

Absence Of Ovulation

Ovaries exist on two sides in a woman’s stomach and these release one egg every month, which is essential for a woman to become pregnant. This process is known as ovulation, which will not take place if a woman has water bubbles in her stomach   so, she will not become pregnant.

Mother hood is the ultimate aim of any woman and for this, it is important that the birth giving organs are healthy and the condition of hormones is also one important reason for a woman to get pregnancy, apart from the intercourse with her partner.

Causes Of PCOS

Sometimes, a woman can have PCOS, due to hereditary reasons also.   Other reasons are obesity and high intake of insulin, which imbalances hormones growth.   The effect of insulin on pituitary gland and ovary gland, results in the production of water bubbles and with this, ovulation and menstrual cycle are disturbed, thus making a woman not to become pregnant. Perverted life style i.e., not being careful during menstrual cycle is also another cause for a woman to get PCOS.

How To Identify PCOS

The water bubbles formed in the stomach can be found only through ultrasound scanning.  Factually, these are immature follicles and can appear as tiny bubbles in ultra sound scan.

Consequences Of  PCOS

The drastic consequences are getting diabetes, Blood pressure, heart ailment and breast cancer. Many women wait for long and go to scanning , which is incorrect.

Diet To Avoid Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Reduce intake of sweet foods, oil, ghee and avoid ground nuts completely. High intake of iron foods like jaggery, dates or iron capsules prescribed by your doctor,  can make your menstrual cycle proper.

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