Chronic Abdominal Pain In Children

Some kids get bad abdominal pain all the time but it can be treated successfully without admitting your child to the hospital. In rare cases, some children appear in need of immediate hospitalization for treatment.

Chronic Abdominal Pain In Children

If your child suffers repeat attacks of abdominal pain then you must read this article to gather more knowledge about stomach pain so that you can treat your child effectively without admitting him or her to the hospital.

What are the Causes of Abdominal Pain in Children?

First of all, you should know about some of the common causes of abdominal pain in children. Indigestion, constipation, chronic recurrent abdominal pain, food allergies, drugs, gastroenteritis and worm infestation can cause abdominal pain in children. Now we will discuss these issues in detail. Indigestion in children is mainly caused due to bad food habits. If your child is eating junk foods more than nutritious and healthy foods then this could be the reason of his or her problem.

In this case, you should give your child lukewarm water to drink and give him or her antacids after consulting with his or her health care provider. This will help in relieving his or her pain. If your child develops nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache and passes hard, dry stools then this clearly indicates that your child is suffering from constipation due to which he or she is experiencing abdominal pain. To treat his or her constipation problem, it would be good if you give your child a high fiber diet.

Symptoms of chronic recurrent abdominal pain include vomiting and headache. You should take your child to his or her health care provider to know the exact cause of his or her condition.

You should also observe your child carefully and see whether he or she is worrying too much about anything or suffering from anxiety. It might be possible that your child’s abdominal pain is psychological in origin. Your child may also suffer from abdominal pain due to allergy to certain food constituents.

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It might be possible that your child is drinking cold drinks that contain certain food preservatives which may be causing abdominal pain. Drugs can also be one of the causes of abdominal pain. In such a case, you should discuss the matter with your child’s health care provider and ask him or her about the names of drugs that might cause abdominal pain. You should inform your child’s health care provider about medicines that your child takes.

If your child is showing symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal cramps then he or she may be suffering from gastroenteritis. In this case, you need to take your child to the hospital to find out the exact cause of his or her abdominal pain. Worm infestation occurs in children who reside in unhygienic conditions. Roundworms are responsible for causing worm infestation. Doctors recommend anti-worm medications to treat this condition.

When You should Seek your Child’s Health Care Provider Help?

You need to contact your child’s health care provider immediately if your child’s abdominal pain persists for more than three hours. Your child may require immediate hospitalization if his or her condition becomes worse. You should not give any medication to your child without consulting his or her health care provider.