Chinese Broccoli Recipe

Chinese broccoli recipe

Chinese broccoli recipe This Chinese Broccoli recipe is very simple and super delicious. Even though the taste of Chinese broccoli is slightly bitter than the other variety of broccoli, this version of mine is so yummy that kids too are sure to love this awesome recipe. Chinese Broccoli is very rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin C and contains small amounts of selenium.

This dark green leafy vegetable with large flower head produces characteristics much like broccoli.  Regular consumption of broccoli is highly beneficial in preventing heart diseases and has been found to reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Broccoli is rich in lutein and carotenoids and also provides considerable amount of beta carotene.

To obtain maximum health benefits from broccoli it is advisable to eat them raw. Boiling reduces its levels of anti-carcinogenic compounds hence it is advisable to use other cooking methods like steaming, microwaving or stir frying instead of boiling the vegetable. Today I am going to share with you a healthier version of Chinese recipe. This vegetarian dish is very healthy yet simple and easy to prepare. I am sure you are going to love this recipe of mine and believe me it’s going to be a great hit with your family too!

Delicious and healthy Chinese Broccoli recipe

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10-12 minutes
Servings: 4 persons


4 cups of Chinese broccoli
2 cups of tofu, firm and pressed
2 red onions, medium sized
6-8 cloves of fresh garlic, minced
1 tablespoons of fresh ginger, minced
4 tablespoons of sesame oil
1/2 cup Soy sauce
2 teaspoons Szechuan peppercorns, crushed
4 tsp of cornstarch mixed in 5 tsps of water

For Garnishing

1/2 cup of scallions, sliced


Take the broccoli in a colander and wash thoroughly under running water. Once they are washed, drain away the excess water and transfer the broccoli into a large plate. Now, trim and cut them into florets. Peel the stalk of broccoli with a potato peeler, slice it thinly and keep aside in a bowl.

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Then finely chop the garlic cloves, onions and ginger using a knife. Also thinly slice the scallions that you will require for garnishing. Take a small mixing bowl and mix together corn starch, water soy sauce. Cut the tofu into cubes and keep aside in a bowl. Once you are ready with all the ingredients. Heat the sesame oil in a large wok /non-stick pan.  Once the oil is hot enough add finely chopped garlic, ginger and sauté for about a minute or until aromatic.

Add chopped onions and continue cooking until they turn translucent. Now add chopped broccoli and stir-fry for 2 – 3 minutes until the vegetable begins to brown slightly. Now add tofu, salt, Szechuan peppercorns and cook covered for about 6-8 minutes or until the vegetable is soft and done.

Give a quick stir to the already prepared cornstarch and soy sauce mixture and add it to the vegetable and mix thoroughly so that the mixture gets well combined with broccoli and tofu. Cook continuously until the sauce thickens.  Your scrumptious dish is ready to relish. Transfer it into a serving bowl and garnish with sliced scallions. Serve immediately with steamed brown rice or whole grains and ENJOY!


Make sure you add little salt as soy sauce already contains enough salt. It is better to taste the dish before serving.