Chicken Mexican Recipe Straight From Mexico

Mercado food is famous for the pleasure it gives to eating. When we eat, there is nothing wonderful in this world other than the pleasure of eating. Mercado food or Mexican food as we know in common terms is one of the famous cuisines of the world. Though many people term it to be too spicy and too greasy, yet the fact can be fully denied.

Chicken Mexican Recipe Straight From Mexico

Mexican food is among those foods that has a perfect balance of nutrition and taste. Since this cuisine has been influenced by various civilizations and cultures over the centuries, its unique taste highly depends on this balance of ingredients and the spicy hotness it has to offer. A simple chicken Mexican recipe has a suffused aroma and spicy taste which makes this cuisine one of a kind. Other than the spiciness the Mexican cuisine presents to us, you will notice that corn and beans play a very important role in Mexican cuisine. Most food that they make consists of these two ingredients. These two ingredients are complimentary amino acids that help in building up the protein in our body. A simple inclusion of corn and beans explain how much Mexican cuisine is intelligently cooked. No wonder it is one of the most sought after food cuisines of the world. Mexican gastronomical delights are made to titillate your taste buds. A general Mexican dish would include corn, beans, chillies, tomatoes and chicken. These are the most common ingredients that serve to create the backbone and identity of Mercado food. Let’s learn to make to make chicken Mexican recipe brought straight from Mexico.

Level: Easy Yield: 8 servings Preparation Time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 30 mins Total Time: 40 mins


1 whole chicken (cooked, chopped and de-boned) 10 ounces of tomato puree 1 pack Flour tortillas 2 cups Cheddar cheese 10 ounce Cream of Chicken soup 10 ounce cream of mushroom soup 2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp unsalted butter 2 red chillis chopped 1 cup sweet corn


1. Take a baking tray or an oven proof baking casserole. Add a little vegetable oil and put it in the oven. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degree F. Take a large bowl; add the tomatoes, sweet corn, and the soups. Mix them lightly.

Take A Baking Tray

2. Now add the chicken pieces little at a time and stir. Take the baking tray out, layer the tray with the tortillas, then the chicken, a little soup. Repeat the layer till the chicken and tortillas are layered completely.

add the chicken pieces little at a time and stir

3. Sprinkle the cheese all over. Add more cheese for more taste. Sprinkle the chopped red chilies. Now bake the dish for 30 minutes. Chicken Mexican Recipe is served.

Sprinkle the cheese all over

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Tips And Suggestions

This recipe is wonderful to eat, Mexican to the core. It also pairs best when served with beer. Mexican cuisine tastes good with beer, because beer has a nutty flavor which is devoid in Mexican cuisine.

There are thousands of recipes that can be found on the internet that provides interesting flavors to your kitchen. However authentic taste can only be achieved by a little extra research. Though the basics of Mexican cuisines asks to add corn, beans, tomatoes and chilies. A little bit of variation can always be accepted, after all that is what add your contribution to the cooking. So ladies start cooking this wonderful chicken Mexican recipe today and enjoy adding your surprises.