Certain Foods That Can Affect Your Fertility

foods that cause infertility

foods that cause infertility If you are finding it increasingly difficult to conceive or ovulate, chances are you might be suffering from certain hormonal or reproductive system related disorders. And then again, chances are you might be including certain foods in your diet that can potentially cause infertility in women if when consumed on a regular basis.

Foods That Can Affect Your Fertility

Foods High in Soy Supplements

Although soy supplements are deemed to be extremely healthy for the body, providing all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis, recent studies have revealed that regular use of soy supplements can cause infertility and other related disorders in women.

These studies have shown that regular intake of soy supplements can cause excessive bleeding in the uterus during menstruation, and can lead to the development of polyps or endometriosis in the female reproductive organ.

So if you have been trying to conceive for some time, leave out foods like soy beans, soy milks, soy nuts, soy flour, soy meat, soy oil and tofu etc. in addition to other soy rich foods from your meals.

Caffeinated Products

It doesn’t come as a surprise to note that coffee and other caffeinated products can increase the chances of infertility in a woman who consumes them on a regular basis. Caffeine can alter the normal balance of an otherwise healthy body. And so if you are trying to conceive, avoid these products. If you cannot do without coffee, opt for less than 300 gms a day to stay safe from the side effects.

Salty, Sugary Foods

Women trying to conceive should cut down on their intake of foods that contain high levels of refined sugar or salt. These include white rice, pumpkin, French fries, cornflakes, mashed potatoes, bagel, donuts, rice cakes etc. All these foods would decrease your chances of ovulating.

Opt for healthier varieties over these foods. And although you would need to compromise a bit on the taste factor, you would know that it was well worth it in the end when you give birth to your baby boy/girl.

Fat Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in saturated and trans fat can increase your chances of becoming infertile by leaps and bounds. These include foods like butter, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil, hydrogenated oil, dry coconut, dark chocolates etc.

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If you are trying to conceive, you would also need to stay away from packaged, frozen and baked foods that also contain trans fat. Avoid fast foods as well as they may not be hygienic and can contain plenty of unhealthy saturated fat.

Avoid any and every kind of cheese that has not been prepared using pasteurized milk. These kinds of cheeses would contain Listerine bacteria that has the potential to penetrate the placenta and cause harm to the fetus in addition to affecting the uterus.

Uncooked Foods

Foods that are eaten raw or are uncooked are more prone to bacterial infections that can cause serious harm to the body, including infertility. Raw and uncooked foods get infected by salmonella bacteria pretty quickly and so, if you want to conceive soon you better stay away from raw foods, including uncooked meat and eggs.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Your doctor would probably ask you to keep these habits aside when you want to conceive. For as everyone knows, both smoking (nicotine content) and alcohol consumption can have adverse effects on the uterus and cause infertility.