Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy Bleeding during pregnancy is not very uncommon. It may happen to almost 80% to 90% of pregnant ladies due to various reasons. Vaginal bleeding is common in the first trimester of pregnancy and may not be serious enough to see your doctor. But, bleeding during the second and third trimester can be a symptom of some kind of complication in your case and may require doctor’s guidance.

However, it is always suggested that nothing should be taken lightly because a small ignorance may lead to a severe problem. It is always better to know your body functions during the different phases of pregnancy. Knowing about the different causes of bleeding during pregnancy will ease out the dilemmas and make us act accordingly. I will try to make you aware about the few causes of bleeding in pregnancy.

Causes Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

Implantation Bleeding

This may happen to you in the first trimester of your pregnancy. This generally occurs during the second week after conceiving. You may find some normal spots of blood due to the implantation process. In this phase the eggs penetrate into the uterus lining and attach itself to the uterus wall. This may lead to bleeding through vagina and is not a serious issue.

Molar Pregnancy

It is referred to a phase in which an abnormal tissue develops in the uterus in place of an embryo. It is known as gestational trophoblastic disease in medical terms. It can be detected by the doctor’s check-up only. It is accompanied by vaginal bleeding and severe lower left stomach pain. Generally, blood test will show high HCG level and routine pregnancy test will reflect abnormal heart beat of the fetus.


This is a saddening cause of bleeding during pregnancy. Miscarriage is the body’s mechanism to excrete the unhealthy fetus which was not growing properly.


Bleeding in this phase will be accompanied by severe pain in the left lower side of the stomach. It is not necessary that a lady who had a miscarriage, will never become pregnant again. She can definitely conceive in near future.

Ectopic Pregnancy

In this case the eggs implant themselves outside the uterus. Fallopian tube is the area which is preferred by the eggs in this kind of pregnancy. It is a very uncommon condition and is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen, cramping in the stomach and vaginal bleeding. It is common in those ladies who have previously gone through pelvic surgery.

Placental Abruption

Placental Abruption


This generally happens during the later stage of the pregnancy. The placenta gets detached due to the labor pain. The tearing of placenta causes bleeding through vagina. This is common in pregnant ladies above 35 years with anemia problems.

Before Time Labor

In this case the bleeding happens during the period of last 15 days, which is just before the delivery date given by your doctor. This bleeding is the symptom of preterm delivery and you must see the doctor immediately. This bleeding process is known as passing of mucus plug and is made of small amount of mucus and blood. This comes out through the vagina and needs urgent medical care.

Placenta Previa

If you bleed without pain, you need to see your doctor immediately. It is a serious problem in which the placenta covers the cervix partly or completely in the uterus. This is very common in ladies who had cesarean baby earlier. If any lady had given birth to twins or triplets in the past, then also they are prone to this kind of bleeding. Urgent medical attention is required in this case.

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