7 Best Treatment Options For The Removal Of Acne Scars

Best Treatments For Acne Scars

In old times the treatment of acne was difficult. But with the latest advancement in the technology, the treatment of acne and their scars is possible. It has achieved a new level of success with the availability of the latest and effective procedure to treat acne scars in a very less time.

But you should understand the reality that all the scars cannot be removed completely but the application and use of the right treatment will help you to get rid of the scar on any area of the body. As the acne scars are very rigid so no single treatment is best for everybody. One treatment option that has given good results in one person may not give the same results in another person. So a combination of treatment can be opted. Various treatment options for the removal of the scars are given here.

Acne Scars Treatment Option

Use of Laser Technology

Laser Technology For Acne Scars

The laser treatment of acne scars is of two types. The first one is abrasive in which the skin is resurfaced and the outer layer of the skin is removed. In non-abrasive laser technique the dermis is changed without causing any damage to the surface of the skin. Non-ablative laser is a faster process and will give result in no time. It helps to tight the pores of the skin helps in the formation of collegen.This is good for mild acne scars and pigmentation issues. The ablative laser that is used to remove the acne scars are carbon dioxide and erbium laser. It takes a fortnight for the recovery and the redness of the skin goes away from several weeks to months depending upon the intensity of the scar. The ablative lasers that are used are pulsed dye laser to remove the scars and Keloids.

Punch Techniques

Punch Techniques For Acne Scars

Three types of Punch techniques are available for the treatment of ice pick and depressed scars. In punch excision, a small tool to punch the scar is used which is like a circular cookie cutter. When the scar is excised then the skin is closed from the edges. This procedure will give you a small scar which will fade away with time. In punch grafting, after the excision of the scar, the skin graft is used to cover the skin with the void. The graft can be taken from a part of the skin at the back part of the ear. In punch elevation, the base of the scar is excused. The surgeon then exhilarates the base of the skin where it is connected with the edges or sutures, strips or glue.

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Subcision Technique

Subcision Technique For Acne Scars

This technique is used for the treatment of the rolling acne scars and depressed acne scars. This procedure is performed after giving local anesthesia to the patient. In this procedure, a small scalpel or needle is pushed into so that it comes parallel to the surface of the skin. This instrument cuts the bands of tissue that restrains the skin from the deeper areas. When these bands are made free then the skin lifts up and smoothes the skin appearance.


Dermabrasion For Acne Scars

In dermabrasion, a continuous rotating wire brush is used that erodes the top layer of the skin. When the process is successfully completed the scars are healed up and pitted scars gets reduced in depth. This process is used for depressed boxcar scarring. But this process make some changes in the pigmentation in case you have a dark skin color.


Microdermabrasion For Acne Scars

This process is different from dermabrasion. In this procedure, a machine is placed on the skin which gives the ultra-fine aluminum oxide crystals with the help of a tube on the skin. These crystals are constantly vacuumed with every series of the treatment given. The surface skin cells are removed in microdermabrasion so it is very good for hyperpigementation also.


Fillers For Acne Scars

The depressed acne scars can be cured with the use of dermal fillers. Filler is a substance that is instilled into the scar and the base of the scars are raised to make it equivalent to the surface of the skin. But the limitation of this process is that it has to be done several time as results are not persistent and everlasting.

Use of Steroids

The use of steroids is made when scars are keloid and hypertrophic. Steroids can be injected into the tissues of the scars directly as it may lead to shrinkage or softening of the tissues causing scars. But the use of steroids should be done under medical supervision. Other possible options for the treatment of acne scars are the use of corticosteroid creams and tapes that should be applied over the scars for some hours as suggested to get rid of the scars.

Corticosteroid Creams For Acne Scars