Best Tips To Cure Your Baby’s Fear Of Bugs

There are many reasons as to why babies become afraid of bugs. The fear of bugs is in a way quite natural among babies and is also quite common.

Insects and bugs are alien to them and while a dog or a cat may seen adorable to most babies, insects neither look nor cuddly. Hence the feeling distance and fear is quite normal.

There is a scientific name for the fear of bugs and insects in babies. This term is known as “entomophobia.” This is a phobia related to things which are crawly and creepy. It is also one of the most widespread phobias amongst babies. This is why whenever a baby sees an insect or a bug, he or she screams till the mother or the father comes to the rescue.

Unlike the fear of ghosts and monsters which are based on false believe and which the parents can deal with more ease, a fear of bugs is more difficult to handle. This is because when it comes to monsters and ghosts and other similar things, a child can not see them, which makes it easier for the parents to make the child believe that a room is safe and free of monsters. However, a child can see insects crawling and therefore this fear turns into an irrational phobia where it may be quite difficult for parents to make the baby overcome his or her fears.

The following article will elaborate on how to cure a fear of bugs in your child.

Overcoming the Fear of Bugs

Trying to help your baby to overcome a fear of bugs is something almost all parents worry about. It is however very important to know how to cure a fear of bugs in your baby so that he or she can understand that a bug is not necessarily harmful.

The following points will help you with how to cure a fear of bugs in your baby. Among the things that you will need to make your baby overcome his or her fear of bugs is to introduce your kid to insect related movies, books, games, a bug kit and modeling clay.

Reading to Your Baby

One of the very first things that you can do regarding your child’s fear of bugs is to read to him or her from a colorful baby book about bugs. These books have cute and funny pictures of caterpillars, insects and other bugs which do not seem fearful in any way. Reading to your child from such a book will help to make the baby overcome his or her fears. The baby will see the playful pictures of the bugs in the book and realize that bugs are nothing to be scared of.

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Some of these books that you can try include – ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ These stories will help your child to see things from the point of view of the bugs and your baby will enjoy the stories and pictures that come with these books. When your child sees a bug you can remind him or her of these stories and this will help him or her to relate the bugs in the stories with those in real life.

Watch a Movie

Along with reading a children’s book, you can also sit with your baby and make him or her watch a children’s movie about bugs. These movies are most often quite adorable and also funny so your child will be able to enjoy the experience. This will help your child to relieve his or her fears about bugs. However, make sure that you do not watch a movie that has giant scary spiders and bugs and that will increase your child’s fears.

Have a Bug as a Pet

Another way related to how to cure a fear of bugs in your child is to have a bug as a pet for your baby. There are various kinds of bug kits that are available which will help your child to keep ants, caterpillars, ladybirds and so on as pets. Having a bug as a pet will make your child be more caring and intimate towards these animals.

Keeping bugs as pets also enables your child to control the environment of the bugs giving him or her a sense of power over the bugs. Also, the child will be able to see more closely how interesting and fascinating these bugs can be. This will in turn help him or her to understand that bugs are harmless and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Play Games that Involve Bugs

While reading books about bugs and watching movies about bugs are definitely useful in helping your child to overcome his or her fear of bugs, there is another helpful method in how to cure a fear of bugs in your child. This method involves playing games that have bugs in them. There are games like ‘Bedbugs’ and so on which are quite enjoyable for your child.

Playing these games will also help you baby to realize that there is nothing to be scared about bugs. These games will help your baby to enjoy the bugs in the games and thus reduce his or her fears of bugs and insects.

Do Not Make a Fuss When You Spot a Bug Near Your Child

One very helpful way in how to cure a fear of bugs in your baby is to not make a big deal out of it when you do see a bug near your baby. If there is a bug near your child, brush it away or shoo it away. Do not jump and become irritated with the bug yourself. If you are irritated and annoyed by the bug then it will not send the right signals to your baby.

This is because Children learn from the behavior and actions of parents. Hence it is important to stay calm when there is a bug nearby. Make the bug go away without making a big deal out of the situation.