6 Best Tips On Hairstyles For Short Hair

Best Tips On Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair looks awesome. But styling it can be really difficult at times, especially when you are attending a formal function. Majority of people are clueless when it comes to styling short hair in a formal manner. But if you take expert suggestions then you can do a lot with it. You just need to keep a watch on the latest trends of formal hairstyle for short hair in order to look up-to-date.

Also, whether you are a guy or a girl, you can easily give it a dressy look by incorporating your creativity.However, if you are having a hard time trying to sport an apt formal hairstyle for short hair and cannot think of enough options, here are a few ideas that can help you out.

Sort Hairstyle For Girl

Select the Right Haircut

Right Haircut For Short Hair

Pick a nice haircut that will look good with formal wear. Pixie cuts, bobs and crops are good choices.  Bobs can have many variations like inverted, layered, straight, choppy, and even styles that have ample of waves and curls. You should pay attention to details while opting for a short haircut. Go for dressier styles by incorporating bangs, razor shears or layers. Bangs that fall on the forehead and give your face a defined frame look really cool. Another good way to make short hair look classy is to go for cuts that are heavy on the top. Short and layered styles or precision cuts are equally trendy.

Styling Curly or Wavy Short Hair

Curly and wavy hair that is short can also be styled fashionably. Use hot rollers to curl the ends of your hair. Also, use velcro rollers to twist them or create ringlets with thin rollers. Use mousse or styling cream to set your curls in place. Scrunch your hair after applying mousse when it is still wet and then make it smooth with a barrel curling iron.

Styling Curly or Wavy Short Hair

Deck Up

Use tools, such as flat irons, tongs, rollers and blow dryers to groom your hair. Fix the tresses by dousing hair spray.  Serum, mousse, styling cream and shiners will also come handy. Embellish your hair with showy trappings, such as silk flowers, designer clips, bobby pins, barrettes and headbands.

Deck Up For Short Hair

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The Haircut

Settle on a time-tested, conservative look or pick up a trendy hairdo like spikes or textured cuts. You can let all the hair strands have the same length or vary their cut a little bit as per your choice. Go for a hairstyle that features longer strands at the front with hair on the back and sides sheared really short.

Short hairstyle for Men

Style it Right

Apply gel on thin or fine hair and then run a fine toothed comb to set it in place. If your hair is fairly thick, dab some mousse and use a boar bristle brush to set it properly.

Gel For Short Hairstyle

Get Dandy

Try the swept back look or a wet hairdo for your short hair.  Pat some cream on your hair and comb the same with a paddle brush.

Dandy For Short Hairstyle

Gels, waxes, hair creams and styling lotions make formal hairdos appear natty, which is actually the order of the day!

Hairstyles For Short Hair