Best Table Cloth Decoration Ideas

Best Table Cloth Decoration Ideas

Best Table Cloth Decoration Ideas The kind of table linen you possess exudes a warm appeal especially when you have people over for dinner. You can have a fine dining experience with crisp white table cloths, sparkling bone china sets, exotic crystal and silver ware. Candle light and gourmet cuisine add the finishing touches.

A romantic meal can include a wicker basket with bread, exotic wine and imported cheese. Silver cutlery can be wrapped in white linen napkins that come matched with your table cloth. Table linens transform the look of a meal whether it is a formal party or a picnic. They are appropriate for all occasions. A crisply ironed, white or coloured tablecloth can add zing to your dining table. Let’s see the ways in which table cloths can enhance your table decor.

Table Cloth Decoration Ideas

Linen Table Cloths

Linen table cloths have been used since time immemorial for decorating tables. They are made of cotton and are pretty hardy. They last long and come with intricately carved patterns and designs and can be used during festive occasions. Most of them come in a crisp white.  Linen table cloths have a timeless elegance. You can combine them with linen table runners in a brighter colour. Well matched napkins/bibs complete the look.

Printed Table Cloths

The latest design in table cloths are warm prints with gold work and gold trimmings. They come along with matched napkins, table runners and place mats. You can combine these with decorative candles and crystal vases for an elegant touch.

White Table Cloths

White table cloths come in linen, damask, heavy Egyptian cotton and sheer materials. They are embellished with white silk patterns and come in square, rectangular and round shapes. They are a little tedious to clean and maintain but look fabulous with elegant silver ware. White damask cloths look handsome and are hard wearing. They of course cannot be used on a regular basis and are best saved for parties. You can combine them with festive flowers and colourful table napkins for a refreshing look.

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Chequered Cloths

These are definitely not for formal occasions but look pretty for daily use. They usually come as single pieces and may not have matching napkins as accompaniments. You can add a strip of beautiful lace at their ends to give them a daintier look. Pick these up in pure cotton which can be easily machine-washed. Make sure they are colour fast. You can make them last longer by covering them with translucent, plastic table covers on top.

Lace Table Cloths

These come in sheer lace. The more popular ones are Chantilly lace table cloths that can enhance the decor of your bedside tables and corner tables. Pick up cloths in muted tones like pink, white and beige which go with almost all kinds of upholstery. Wash them with hand and don’t sun-dry for too long as they tend to fade.

Table cloths form an important part of decorative accessories in a home. Furniture can look very naked and stark unless it has fancy table linen for your dining tables and peg tables.