Best Natural Cures For Asthma In Children

Asthma In Children

Asthma In Children Asthma is characterized by blockages in the air passages causing wheezing. This ailment can affect people of the age group from infancy to 90 years of age. It has been observed that children suffer from this problem more than adults, and the children grow up their asthma gets cured gradually.

Asthma is aggravated in the night especially when the patient is sleeping. Children suffering from asthma usually have trouble in breathing and exhaling is more difficult than inhaling. This is because the small bronchi passages get constricted and clogged with mucus, which makes breathing out more difficult.

In spite of the fact that traditional medicines can control asthma, they often have harmful side effects, which is why it is better to opt for a natural cure. The natural cure for asthma in children involves the stimulation of the functioning of the excretory organs, proper diet intake which helps to remove morbid matter and rejuvenate the body.

Natural Cures For Asthma In Children

Apply Mud Packs On Abdomen And Chest

Applying mud packs to the abdomen will eliminate the fermentation resulting from undigested food and will enhance the intestinal peristolysis. The congestion in the lungs should be treated by applying wet packs to the chest. These wet packs also strengthen the lungs. Inducing perspiration with the help of steam bath, hot foot bath, hot hip bath and sun bath will help to stimulate the skin and reduce congestion in lungs. This is a great natural cure for asthma in children.



Honey is said to be a very effective natural cure for asthma in children. Holding a jug under the nose of the patient and allowing him or her to inhale it can make breathing easy. The beneficial effect will last for about an hour. Honey apart from inhaling is also beneficial if you eat it.

No Passive Smoking

Smoking should not be allowed in the room of a child suffering from asthma, and in fact smoking should not be permitted anywhere in the house. This is because passive smoking can aggravate the problems of a child suffering from asthma.

Avoid Fats And Carbohydrates And Include Alkaline Foods

The diet should have limited quantities of fats, carbohydrates and proteins which form acids. Instead a lot of alkaline foods like fresh fruits, green vegetables, and germinated gram. Foods like rice, lentils, sugar and curd should be avoided as they increase the production of phlegm. Even fried and other foods that are difficult to digest should be avoided. The last meal of the day should be taken two hours before going to bed.

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This is another great remedy for bronchial asthma. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to half a glass of milk two or three times a day. Drinking this mixture will Be most effective if taken on an empty stomach.


Garlic has also proved to be quite useful in treating asthma. Boil one clove of garlic in 15 ml of milk and administer it to the patient daily in order for it to act as an excellent natural cure for asthma in children.

Mustard Oil And Camphor

A mixture of mustard oil and camphor should be massaged on the back to loosen the phlegm and make breathing easier.