5 Best Natural Cure For Dementia

Natural Cure To Dementia

The people suffering from dementia will experience the pain emotionally and it is experienced as same by those who care for the sufferers. The most common form of dementia is seen as Alzheimer’s disease although dementia results in many symptoms. The cells in the brain slowly get destroyed during dementia leading to the non-functioning of brain.

The function of brain starts diminishing slowly as the person starts to forget even the small details and gradually will not be able to remember anything. The advanced form of dementia signifies that the person suffering from it will not be able to remember, cannot perform every day activities properly and cannot learn anything. Though there are several mediations available for treating this condition, natural cure also was found to be helpful to the people to cope with dementia.

Natural Cure For Dementia

Folic Acid


The occurrence of dementia and the effects of it are lowered by taking the food items that are rich in folic acid. The food sources of folic acid are asparagus, papaya, oranges, peas and strawberries. The person who consumes these items will receive the essential nutrients as well as the diet that is healthy. The folic acid present in these items are highly beneficial in managing and preventing dementia.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

The risk of dementia in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be highly reduced by the intake of large quantities of vitamin E. A research study that was conducted recently was found to have revealed that minimum intake of vitamin E frequently was connected with lowering the risk for dementia in the long run. This research study was done taking into consideration the factors like total energy intake, education, age, Apo lipoprotein E4 genotype, smoking, intake of alcohol, supplement usage and body mass index.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

The restoration of functioning of brain can be done by vitamin C which acts as a natural remedy for dementia. Consuming vitamin C as supplement or consuming it as a food rich in vitamin C is beneficial. Vitamin C is abundantly available in green leafy vegetables and in citrus fruits. All these food items function as good sources of vitamin C which are beneficial to work for improving dementia.

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Almonds are considered in general as the rich source of nutrients. Vitamin E is found to be present abundantly in almonds due to which they are recommended to be consumed every day before taking anything else. The almonds have to be soaked in water for overnight and then they have to be peeled off before eating. Eating almonds in this manner every day morning will help the person to develop the mental strength as well as enhance the power and memory it contains.

Club Moss Extract


Huperzine A is the compound that is present in the extract which is prepared from the club moss huperzia serrata. Dementia types and Alzheimer’s disease are treated by Huperzine A and nearly 100000 people in China are treated by this club moss extract. Huperzine A is considered as less toxic and more effective than other drugs that are used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This extract is found to be used for treating the inflammation and fever.

The research study that was conducted by the people at Shanghai institute of Materia Medica has revealed that Huperzine A extract was capable to improve memory to a large extent than drugs like tacrine. In a clinical trial study on 50 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, 200 micrograms of Huperzine A was given two times per day for about eight weeks. Memory improvement was seen in 29 patients. The behavioural and cognitive abilities were also found to be improved as per the evaluation done using Wechsler memory scale and Hasegawa dementia scale.