5 Best Natural Cure For Colitis

Natural Cure To Colitis Colitis is a disease of the colon or the bowel. The lining of the large intestine and the rectum becomes irritated and inflamed and causes intense pain. The mucosa consists of several layers which transform the waste food into a firm mass with the help of water and electrolytes. The feces are then eliminated out of the body through the rectum. The main symptoms of this disease are bloating, abdominal pain, bloody stools, fever, chills, diarrhea, dehydration and constant urge to have a bowel movement. Colitis is caused by various reasons such as food poisoning due to bacteria, infections caused by viruses and other parasites, past radiation to the colon and insufficient blood flow. This disease can be very debilitating and can become chronic and lead to life threatening complications. By improving the diet and making suitable changes in the lifestyle this disease can be easily managed without the help of any commercial medicines.

Natural Cure For Colitis


Curd Curd is full of live culture. It inundates the gut with healthy flora and keeps it in prime health. Curd is also full of digestible proteins and is a rich source of calcium. Both these nutrients strengthen the muscular walls of the colon and help it to maintain the health and flexibility of the tissues within. Curd keeps the waste matter mobile and helps it to be eliminated easily from the body. Eat one cup of homemade curd with every meal.

Rice Water

Rice Water Boil some rice in plenty of water. When the rice is done, strain the excess liquid. You can keep the rice for eating during meals but use the liquid for drinking. Add a pinch of salt and drink a glass of rice water twice daily. The rice water is easily digestible and it gives vital strength to the weak body because it is full of vital nutrients. It soothes the irritated colon immensely and brings relief in the pain. Rice water will also ease the diarrhea and prevent dehydration.


Bananas Bananas are sweet, soft and smooth. They have a soothing action on the inflamed colon and at the same time provide vital energy to it. Their laxative effect helps in the elimination of feces and prevents it from becoming hard and sticking to the walls of the colon. The nutrients contained in bananas help to strengthen the layers in the colon lining and prevent them from becoming inflamed.

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Cheese Scald some skim milk and strain it. Eat the warm paneer thus obtained, three times daily. paneer is soft and smooth and is full of proteins and other vital nutrients. It is very light and thus easily digestible. A weak colon is easily bruised by irritants and is unable to perform its function properly. The proteins found in paneer besides being easily digestible also provide additional strength to the colon.


Fennel Put to boil two liters of water and add two heaped teaspoons of fennel to it. Boil on a low heat for three minutes after which turn off the heat. When the water cools use it for drinking instead of normal water. This water will not only reduce the swelling and pain but will also keep the colon in optimum health.