Best Makeup Tricks For Eyes

makeup tips for eyes

makeup tips for eyes Eye makeup is quite mystifying for many women. However, once you get a hang of it, it’s quick and easy to apply. There are numerous eye makeup guidelines floating around the beauty blogosphere, which can be difficult to decipher and choose the right tips that are best for you.

Mentioned below are three basic techniques that can be used for eye makeup. These tips are intended to make the most of your features and to make you look the best with minimum amount of energy, time and products.

Eye Makeup Tricks


Apply a layer of primer or foundation on the eyelids in order to correct any imperfections and prepare the eyes for applying the color. Apply a coat of powder on the lids in case you are using powder based eye shadow. However, you can avoid the powder, if you are using pencils or crème, which can be easily applied even on foundation.

Choose the Right Shade

To identify the shade that suits you the most, you need to use your tresses as a guide and not your eyes. Taupes and creams look good on blondes, while chocolate browns and mochas compliments brunettes, but if you are redhead or auburn go with peaches, reddish browns, coppers or cool tones such as lavenders and pink. Soft purples, blues and grays look gorgeous for those with gray hair.

Choose an Appropriate Technique

For complete simplicity choose a single shadow for the entire eyelid. ‘Cream eye shadows’ is just perfect for this kind of look. Medium and light tones also work best. Now, you can use brow pencil and mascara as needed.

The crease line must be emphasized for depth. The lightest color must be used first, which is to be dusted on the entire eyelid using an eye shadow brush. The following technique can be followed to achieve this.

make up

Hold the brush lightly and begin from the lash line towards the crease (the point where the eyelid and the brow bone meet). Move the brush smoothly till the brow bone and naturally the brush will lift off your face, right at the spot where you want the color to end.

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The next step is to dust the medium hue on the crease line (you can choose a shade that has more depth than the color on the eyelid) with the help of a medium or small shadow brush. You can slightly extend this beyond the crease line and towards the brow bone.

This technique adds depth to your eyes. By going a little beyond the crease line, you can form a line, which would be visible even when you open your eyes wide.

To get a more dramatic look, apply medium to deep hue above the upper lash line using eyeliner or angled eye shadow brush. Keep this line smudged and soft. You can apply more of this shade below the lower lash line with a smudge brush in tiny downward strokes. (Avoid brushing across as it creates a strong line).

Emphasize the Lashline for Perfect Contour

Dust light to medium color on the entire eyelid to define the eye shape. Use a darker tone on the lash line with the help of an eyeliner brush, so that a smudged and dramatic line is created.

When you finish applying the eye color (you must not be able to make out where the colors start or end) dust the complete eye area using an eye shadow brush with loose powder, which will help the color to set and blend. Use the brow pencil and mascara as needed.