6 Best Home Remedies For Vomiting

Home Remedies For Vomiting

Vomiting is one of the most common reflexes of the body. We have all vomited at some point in our lives. Normally vomiting occurs when we have ingested something poisonous in the form of food or chemicals and the stomach revolts by contracting its muscles and expelling the poisonous contents.

Vomiting may also occur along with nausea in pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. The most common reason for vomiting is food poisoning. Some people also vomit alcohol when they have consumed it in copious amounts. Holding back or suppressing vomit is generally not recommended as it harms the body. While vomiting is not serious, it still needs timely attention and care as the person can quickly get dehydrated. Here are some simple remedies for vomiting.

Home Remedies for Vomiting

ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)

Oral Rehydration Solution For Vomiting

One of the simplest and most common remedies for vomiting is the administration of electrolyte fluids like Oral rehydration Solution which comprises of all essential salts that make up for the loss of electrolytes in the body. All adults must keep sipping on this fluid throughout the day in cases of severe vomiting. This will keep dehydration at bay.


Diet For Vomiting

Since the stomach is upset in vomiting, it becomes difficult to digest normal food. You must avoid eating food that is spicy, fatty, starchy, oily and sugary. These can exacerbate the condition of vomiting. Stick to dal, soups, stocks and light buttermilk, which provide energy and help to replenish lost fluids. If your stomach can take it, eat bananas as they too are good for people who have suffered from vomiting. Once you start to feel better, start consuming semi solids in the form of khichdi, mashed fruits and thick broths before moving onto solids.

Lime Juice

Lime Juice For Vomiting

Lime juice is another effective remedy for vomiting. The chilled juice has a cooling effect on the stomach. mTemper the lime juice with salt and cumin powder for best results. This will allow your digestive system to recuperate.


Ginger For Vomiting

Ginger is an excellent remedy for vomiting that is accompanied by nausea especially in the case of pregnant women. Grate some ginger in a cup of warm water and add honey to it. Sip on this water throughout the day. You can also take some mild ginger tea if your stomach can tolerate it.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine For Vomiting

Avoid caffeine in the form of chocolates, tea and coffee as these can exacerbate the symptoms of vomiting and can also lead to acidity.

Consult a Doctor

Consult a doctor in the case of severe vomiting especially if you have vomited 6-8 times during the day. Excessive vomiting needs to be looked into especially in the case of children when it is accompanied by mucous and diarrhea. Severe vomiting can indicate other serious medical conditions and needs to be looked into.

Consult A Doctor For Vomiting

Once the symptoms of vomiting abate, you can gradually start to eat normal food again. Normally weakness accompanies severe vomiting so it is prudent to take a short course of multi-vitamins to replenish lost energy. This will allow the body to recover and recuperate fully.

Best Home Remedies For Vomiting