5 Best Home Remedies For Eye Puffiness

Home Remedies For Eye Puffiness

The skin around the eyes is very thin and is the most sensitive area.  A lot of tiny blood vessels are located underneath the thin and sensitive skin and when something affects the skin, these blood vessels swell giving the look of puffy eyes. Lack of sleep, undue stress and anxiety, improper diet and nourishment and hormonal changes are some of the causes for puffy eyes. Certain health disorders like, eyelid dermatitis, tear gland dysfunction, Grave’s disease and severe eye infections also cause puffy eyes.

Sometimes fluid gets retained in the skin around the eyes and this too gives the puffiness to the eyes. As one ages the skin loses its elasticity and the skin becomes more susceptible to swelling. Puffiness or bags under the eyes, give you a tired and old look. You do not feel fresh and alert and feel droopy all the time. Simple home remedies will solve this problem quickly and effectively and give you that fresh and perky look.

Home Remedies For Eye Puffiness

Egg Whites

Egg Whites For Eye Puffiness

Take two eggs and separate the yolk. Drop the whites into a bowl and beat them stiffly till they form peaks. Add a drop of witch hazel to the beaten egg whites and mix it well. Apply the mixture under the eyes and keep for half an hour then wash off with water. Egg white will tighten the skin and reduce the swelling. Use this remedy twice daily to get rid of the annoying bags under the eyes.

Raw Potato

Raw Potato For Eye Puffiness

Raw potato has valuable medicinal values and is very beneficial for puffy eyes. It is full of vitamin C, iron and potassium. Its starch content has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the swelling instantly. Slice a raw potato and chill the slices in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes. Place the chilled slices on your eyes and flip them or change them every five minutes. Do this for fifteen minutes. Take a slice and rub it gently under the eyes so that the skin is soaked with the juice. Leave the juice to dry and after fifteen minutes wash your eyes with cold water. Repeat this procedure twice daily.


Apple For Eye Puffiness

Peel an apple and remove its core. Mash the slices till they become mushy. Apply the mashed apple under the eyes and keep it there for fifteen minutes. Apple contains powerful antioxidant properties which help to reduce the swelling. It is also rich in glycolic acid which soothes the skin and gives it a sprightly look. If you want you can cover your whole face with the mashed apple to get a smooth and glowing look. Use this remedy three times daily.

Black Tea

Black Tea For Eye Puffiness

Boil a cup of water and steep two black tea bags into it for five minutes. Cool the tea bags a little. Place the warm tea bags over each eye and keep it for ten minutes. Black tea is rich in tannins which reduce the swelling and remove the puffiness. The moist heat disperses the accumulated fluid and soothes the irritated tissues.

Cold Water

Cold Water For Eye Puffiness

The simplest remedy is to wash your eyes frequently with cold water. Rub the area underneath the eyes gently. This will reduce the puffiness and the cold water will relax the eyes.